Recent flight question

Recently I flew to Colorado from Seattle and after shutdown I noticed that the pilots didn’t fully retract the flaps does anyone know why they didn’t do that?(btw this might not be the section to post this in but I can’t post in real world aviation)

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Check this out.

My grandfather said in his words “back in the day pilots would leave their flaps down if there was a hijacking of the plane” can neither confirm nor deny but he was in the US Air Force. There are plenty of licensed pilots in the community that will elaborate more though.

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He is talking about shutdown, not touchdown.


If the pilots already know what flap setting they will use for takeoff on their outbound flight, I don’t see an issue keeping them down.

Hydraulic pressure might be an issue though.

but then we had no hijackings or any kind of problems(that I know of) during the flight


Maybe they forgot or didn’t do the after landing checklist.

Or maybe the aircraft was going to get a cleaning of the flaps.

It’s a basic assumption but perhaps there was a mechanical issue

It depends on the aircraft you’re flying. There are some manufacturer requirements that ask pilots to not retract flaps in certain conditions IIRC.

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