Recent Excursions @KDEN, KAPA

Hello Everyone :)

So this is my equivlent of a photo dump from the past 4 months since I’ve been drowing in college apps and now that that’s out of the way I know have more free time, well atleast for this week. But anyways these are mostly private jets and a few commercial airliners. These were all taken at KAPA and KDEN. Hope Y’all enjoy

Here we a a simple Gulfstream G650 touching down at APA after a quick hop from Vegas the other day.

Here is a pan of a Falcon 900 roaring down the runway at APA heading out to Cali. (Taken at 1/80)

Face to Face with a Gulfstream G600 that is turning onto the runway for departure.

My favorite local bird here at APA a beautifully painted red, black and white G650 heading up north.

A United 777-200 arrving under some cotton candy skies at DEN. This plane was carrying the Las Vegas Raiders.

A Southwest 737-800 touching down under some colorful skies at DEN.

Southwest 737 MAX8 touching down the mains at DEN

A Gulfstream G-IV seconds before touching down on 35R at APA on a beautiful fall evening

Here is an Austrian Registered G500 in it’s house colors at APA

Once again we have my favoriate local plane here at APA on a beautiful fall evening.

Camera Body: Canon EOS Rebel SL3
Lenses: Sigma 100-400mm,nCanon 18-55mm & Sigma 18-35mm
Editing: Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Photoshop


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0/10 no tyler tilt


0/10 no tyler tilt

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yeah i was on that plane 🙏🏼

Ok sir Kamryn

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And here am I, thinking there was a actual runway Excursion

Them Gulfstreams are phat. 🥵 Woooo weeee!

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Oh sorry let me just



Broncos Country, Let’s Ride


Broncos Country, let’s hide


Broncos Country, Let’s Cry


Broncos country, let’s find a new head coach

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unironically if you like cut the tilt in 4 it would look artsy

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Do not turn APA into a lake


Bronco’s country, I would NOT let that slide

tyler moment

Great shots! Love those face-to-face ones, such big engines those business jets have.

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