Recent "Byte-Sized" Spotting @ KORD

Atlas Air Cargo Boeing 747-400 (F) Registration: N408MC

Cargolux Boeing 747-8-LR Registration: LX-VCE

LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner Registration: SP-LRB

FedEx Express MD-10-10F Registration: UNKWN

FedEx Express Boeing 767-3S2F (ER) Registration: N161FE

Lastly, a revised version of one of my older photos.
Royal Jordanian Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner Registration: JY-BAE


All of these except the Jordanian and FexEx MD-10-10F were taken from my balcony with a Nikon D5600 and a Nikkor 70-300mm lens. These photos were all edited in Adobe Lightroom CC (2019) and touched up in Adobe Photoshop CC (2016)

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  • Photo One (Atlas Air)
  • Photo Two (Cargolux)
  • Photo Three (LOT)
  • Photo Four (FedEx MD-10)
  • Photo Five (FedEx 767)
  • Photo Six (Royal Jordanian)

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Try cropping in more. Were these shots taken at 300mm?

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zoomed in on it. looks to be N161FE

nice pics!

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Yes, all except the MD-10 and the Jordanian. I’ll definitely do that! Thanks for the suggestion!

Just going to point this out. It’s a DC-10. The other aircraft that MD made is the MD-11.

Amazing pictures though!

Actually, FedEx converted the DC-10s to MD-10s. The difference is that the MD-10 has a glass cockpit like the MD-11, but the DC-10 has the old cockpit with dials and stuff like that. This made switching from MD-11 to DC(MD)-10 and vice verse much easier and cheaper.

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Never heard of it

The MD-10 is retrofit cockpit upgrade to the DC-10 and a re-designation to MD-10 . The upgrade included an Advanced Common Flightdeck (ACF) used on the MD-11 and was launched in 1996. The new cockpit eliminated the need for the flight engineer position and allowed common type rating with the MD-11. This allows companies such as FedEx Express, which operate both the MD-10 and MD-11, to have a common pilot pool for both aircraft. The MD-10 conversion now falls under the Boeing Converted Freighter program where Boeing’s international affiliate companies perform the conversions.

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The MD-10 definitely exists. I caught one back in July.

Did nobody else see the MD-10 registration UNKWN aka UNKNOWN

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Nice shot of 408MC! Love the Atlas 747s!

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