Receiving On Guard Warning when Frequency is out of Range

What do I do when I get an on guard warning from a frequency that is out of range/not on the frequency options?

I was flying to JFK and got an on guard warning but the JFK Tower was out of range / not on my frequency options…

On what server? If it’s training just ignore. If it’s expert also ignore, and if for whatever reason they report you, you can contact the controller via pm

This would probably be on Training Server. Since JFK is not featured today on Expert.

Anyway, since this is on Training Server, you just have to let it go and go on. Unless, there spamming it at you. Also, does the controller have a display name @jy2113

I assume that this was on TS, as JFK hasn’t been featured for some time. If this is the case, simply ignore it. It’s most likely a controller who isn’t fully aware of the proper use of this feature.

It was on the TS

Then yes just do nothing. They’re clearly just looking for someone to control, and are unaware that you are out of range

@MJP_27 yes they did…

Ok. What was it?

I wisch there where a circle around all the airports in IF which have live atc. The circle would mark the area where you can have accses to atc and where not. So this never happens again. Too bad we don’t have this.

@MJP_27 Tried going through my replay but can’t get/find a username… I was in range 2 min later and connected to that frequency.

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Ok. That’s fine.

I hope this doesn’t happen to you again! Enjoy flying!

@MJP_27 Could the controller have reported me in the time I was out of range?

Nope. If your an ATC observer. He won’t report you. Only IFATC members can report you on Expert Server.

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