Received Violation after Falling Through Airport

I want to know how to appeal a Level 1 violation that I wrongfully received. I was taxiing at an airport when my plane fell through the map and after about 5 seconds of falling through the map, I received a Level 1 violation for aerobatic maneuvers near an airport.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I don’t know how to do too! I Flip off my SR22 at the airport and receive that violation too!

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I think maybe you can ask the IF worker to help you with this problem.

Unfortunately Level 1 violations (usually) cannot be reversed as they are system generated. You can wait for a mod or staff to come by and look into this, but until then, there isn’t much that can be done.


They can be removed from your account in some circumstances. I would as you said wait for a mod to come by and help you out. Since it was not your fault I don’t think of a reason why they wouldn’t reverse it.

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It sounds like your scenery files went corrupt which caused you to fall through the ground. Send a message to a moderator with your replay file and if that is the case you should be able to get them reversed.

For future reference, if this does happen you can clear your scenery cache then restart the app to resolve it.


We are sorry that this happened. Please send a PM with your replay file to @appeals and we will take a look.