Received a taxi speed violation- while taking off

Device: Iphone 7
Operating system: IOS 15
I received a taxi speed violation while taking off from runway 35R at CYYC, i was on the runway. it gave me the warning and then the violation, with my nosewheel in the air

Hmmm… can you post a screenshot of the scene?

I’m in the air now on my way to RJTT, i didn’t take one cause i was taking off

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Message @appeals

I don’t believe that would work, he must’ve gotten a Level 1 violation.

it was a level 1 violation

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I’ve had a similar situation and they took care of it

Yeah, but you can’t appeal Level 1 violations

Yes you can. If it’s not your fault. It sounds like it isn’t his fault

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Were you on centerline? Maybe if your wheel went off or something…

Please see marked solution. Thanks!