Receipt validation failed!

Hi, I have trying to renew my live subscription, but keep getting this error massage… SORRY AN ERROR OCCURRED

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Have you paid for the subscription?

Can you use the purchased live subscription?

If you can use the purchased IAP then don’t worry

Otherwise I’d wait for David

From what I’ve read it sounds like its more to do with something on the FDS side.

I also had this you can try to login again you can close IF and open it again or restart your iPad/ tablet

Thanks for your response… I ve tired to use the IAP for the purchase, but it keep directing me to account. I have restarted my device and all that, but the same thing. The same error massage. I can’t go live😢😢

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Could you show me a screenshot of your stats etc once you have logged into the site.

Does it say anything about having a consumable?

for example here’s mine. Do you have anything under purchase’s?

1 month from October to January? :/


Well…my stats are just like your.
…Basic (1month)purchase: Tuesday, December 22,2015
Expiration: Friday, January 22,2016… Nothing about consumable.

I just noticed that in my stats that my last flight was on January 13, while I even flew live yesterday 22nd. Dose this really matter?

please help me…guys.

There may be a problem with your Apple ID not infinite flight. Check if it is still working properly. If that’s not the case you may have a active subscription already, maybe by accident.