Recap of 2015

This year was another great and successful year for FDS, in my opinion. Let’s take a minute and cover everything!

April 29, 2015
FDS rolls about an update that includes…
New violation free server
New callsign page
New awesome engine and cockpit sounds
Hawaii & Singapore and Kuala Lumpur
New instrument dock layout
Fore Flight added
New liveries for the 777-200, a380, 737BBJ
Reworked ERJ Auto-pilot
This update was my first for IF, and I flew in Hawaii all the time!

May 11, 2015
This update brings improvements in the ATC interface, new ATC demands, and a new playground server for anyone who wants to be an ATC.

August 26, 2015
This update brought rumors of the a320 family addition and reworking of the a321.
This update included…
New fog rendering
Visibility can be set to 100 meters!
The new auto-land feature
New ground effect for the BBJ
New screen resolution
Approaches able to be locked
Text rendering enhancement
And many of the great airports updated

November 10, 2015
This was an amazing day for every IOS user because we had to envy the Android users. A great day for FDS, and the servers were pretty busy on this day to.
Features in this update include…
The a320
Cockpit lights and window lights
New KLM livery on the 747-400
Infinite flight connectivity with API
And GPS approach request

November 25, 2015
The short time frame release from the a320 brings the a318 and a319. Also improved ground markings and more callsigns.

December 10, 2015
Drum roll please…
I remember it like it was an hour ago, oh wait because it was! The a321 which was also a highly anticipated aircraft was released for us IOS users, which really wasn’t as much of a long wait for the a320. I love this plane and I can’t wait to see everyone else flying it in Live.

Thankyou FDS, the mods, beta testers, developers, everyone! This simulator is amazing! It keeps me chasing my dreams of becoming a pilot. Hats off to all of you, I can’t wait to see what happens next year! You can take a break for 5 minutes but start working on the 787, now!!😂✈️🛫❤️❗️‼️


And the IF Boeing 747-8

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Look at all the things that were done this year! Imagine next year!

We get the 787 Next year, and also a new mystery regional jet ;)

dash 8 (hopefully) cough cough


and maybe a new or 2 news regions?

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Oooo I can’t wait for what the new year has installed for us. Arghhh I really can’t wait!

It has been a great year indeed. IF is at a stage where, should they release airport updates with buildings, all other flying sims will have to close shop.

2015 included amazing changes imho.
I don’t remember when I bought IF but it was quite a while ago. I started with a few planes and only solo mode available.
It feels like my favorite flight sim is growing up :’)

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This has been a hard year of work by the DEVs and the supporting team. That list should show people who ask for it to be ‘free’ how much actual work has gone into it and the value for money that “Live” and in particular “Live +” is!

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I’ve for Live+, Ends December next year :)

The 2015 I know:

-Hotline Bling
-Deez Nutz
-Netflix and Chill


I agree, let’s take some time to thank you devs for there hard work!

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All I need is:

-Landing lights
-Logo lights
-Threshold arrows


Oh My God, if I was only back in high school, they’d be all up that stuff. But I’m graduated, been graduated for 8 years :/

Stupid words like that really raise my blood pressure!!! 😡

Who are you talking to?

@ryan06 and jus saying my opinion on them, nothing aimed at you sir!

Oh alright, no offence taken! 😉

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