Recall your favourite event!

what was your favourite group flight / event so far?

my answer
the Bournemouth flyout, was my first ever event I participated in, it was not so long ago but I liked it because it was at an airport not really recognised by IF and I liked the vibe of being in a group together taxiing and lining up for takeoff.

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That one AAVA event at DFW that crashed the IF servers last November


Regular event, down under. Was great to be apart of.

@George_Flack Storm Area 51 any day!

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I miss @Lil_Qaz’s Virtual ATC events. I got to help make them, and we always went into overflow. Unfortunately though, forum-affiliated VATC isn’t permitted.

Oh my favorite is the 747 Landing competition on Kai Tak which my sister win!

P.S. I saw her do the first landing that cramped up her scores

Some that come to mind:

  • That great BAVA flight from EGLL-LEBL this past year
  • Flying EGLL-KAUS with @Suhas and @Armani_B
  • Our Texas takeover in Thailand a while back with @Jake_Seitz, @AarkonTV, and others who I don’t remember

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