Calibration is the first step IF requires before every flight. It seems that some of us recalibrate again during flight, sometimes frequently. Others never recalibrate. Can developers help us out here? What, exactly, does calibration do? I assume it has something to do with orientation of the device IF is being played on, but if so, why can’t IF keep track of this? The Apple app store is full of games that require constant motion of the device, and I haver never seen any of them require recalibration of the device during game play. Is this something developers are planning to fix eventually? As IF stands now, when, if ever, should we recalibrate during flight?

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Calabiration is indeed the process where you ‘connect’ the position of your mobile device to your aircraft, and brings it in neutral position, relative to the position of your device.

It’s good advice to do this before takeoff and before switching off the auto pilot, before landing.

Doing this in mid flight, or when on auto pilot doesn’t do anything.

Calabiration is handy tool in IF. You may be laying down on your lazy couch during takoff, and land while sitting down. Two totally different positions of your mobile device.

Hope this makes sense.


Very well explained, basically what he said^

The iPad has both an accelerometer and three-axis gyroscope for accurate motion sensing. Other tablet and phone devices have similar capability. Why can’t IF tap into this capability and do away with the need for manual calibration by the user?

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Because, let’s say, like @azeeuwnl mentioned, you are sitting up right at your chair and start a flight, and then want to lay down on the couch while still flying, that would mean your iPad is nearly horizontal, or at least in a much different position than when you started the flight. Like bellow…

If the iPad is in this position, that’d be full up elevator and you’d have to contort uncomfortably to control the airplane. Having the option to reset the calibration so that this position is now the relative ‘zero’ point for all axis means that you can fly straight without having to move the iPad to a vertical position, as it previously was when you started the flight in your chair, for instance.

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I’m sure you fellows are right. I just have a hard time wrapping my poor brain around it. Thanks for taking the time to explain. Great stand!

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If IF were to exclude the calibration feature you would have to hold the device in the same manner at all times. It uses the accelerometer and gyroscope just like any other game. The difference is when you calibrate you set the neutral position to that at which you are holding it at the time. I personally never re calibrate after the first time as that’s what trim does for you after the fact.


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