Rebuilt screen recording feature – for iOS as well

Following the reveal of the new iOS 11 with native screen recording feature, I am requesting a feature to record your screen on iOS devices.

At the same time, I would like to request a further extension of the already existing screen recording feature on Android devices, with things such as:

  • The ability to toggle the in-game controls on and off.
    This way you could choose if you want the controls to be a part of your footage, or just disable it altogether so you would have a clean footage, so you can fly while you are recording and not having to worry about your controls ruining your footage.

  • The ability to toggle ATC sound.
    If you want to record when flying on a live server, you could interact with ATC while you record, without having to edit out or even replace the sound because the frequency had chatter all the time.

  • Having a countdown timer when starting footage
    The most irritating moment when seeing IF-captured footage is the first second when the guy capturing hasn’t been able to exit out of the menu yet. Being able to have a 3-second countdown from pressing the button until the recording itself starts will eliminate this hassle. Maybe also take the 2 last second at the end – when he is to stop the recording as well?

Any more things you would like to be added?

  • You could just turn the ATC volume off… Or lower it in the Audio Settings

I like the sound of the others but I dont currently record IF… :)

You also may want to vote for your topic if you really want it to be included :)


Countdown timer isn’t really necessary, as long as you edit you edit the recordings (which you should). Tbh the start and end record part can greatly show the professionalism of the recorder.

Plus, sometimes cutting out footage in front and behind can cause you to miss precious footage that coupd be caught in the background. Imagine having to wait 3s for your phone to start recording when something big like a fight is going on.

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