Rebuilding ENGM (Oslo Airport Gardermoen)

In February I started my work on renewing Oslo Gardermoen (ENGM)
once added to the next update, the file size will be at 418 kb, and the code is now at 18,701 lines, compared to the previous versions 11,724. That is 6,977 more lines of code

Here is all taxiways finished at the airport. Working from west to east, this has taken some time!

Full airport in all its glory, and it looks great

Compare that to the old version of the airport

Terminal areas, this is where I have spent multiple hours being as realistic as possible

This complete new version of ENGM will be included in the next scenery update, and includes a complete redo of taxiways, GA-ramp, terminal and cargo areas, addition of service roads and addition of hangar and maintenance spawns.

Want to join this amazing effort? Click here!

Want to know more about airports edited in Scandinavia? Read the project Scandinavia topic here!



Great work! 😉❤️🔥

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Looks gorgeous – nicely done!

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Wow nicely done.

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Fantastic job, Jens! I can’t wait to fly into it!

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I love these types of topics! Great work on ENGM, I look forward to checking it out in the near future!

Thanks for the nice words @Thomas_G @Jon_H @Chief_Beef @Z-Tube and @Flying_Pencil ❤️


Looks beautiful Jens! Very well done!

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Thank you Liam :)

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Great work!!!

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wonderful. good job

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Very nice! 🤩


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Wow, great work. I love these posts to see some insight into Airport Editing, which I think must be very difficult and tiring to do at massive airports like these. Thanks for all your efforts, this looks amazing! Can’t wait to fly there soon.

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Great job! I’ll fly there when ever the update is coming:)

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Service roads. 0/10


Thanks for the great feedback! I really appreciate it❤️

Funny guy @Ryan, funny guy

Looking forward to this!

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That’s a good work here ! The hours of working will pay for sure ^^

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Amazing work! 🤩🔥

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