[Rebranding to BOAC VA ] Redwings Virtual Airline

Their site says 258. Anyway, stop going off topic.

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A new Redwings YouTube video!

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He is not, he is just replying to a comment that someone made, I agree maybe a couple of weeks ago, but today no. He’s just being friendly

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Nice video, I will add it to the site later today!

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I’ve added all the Caribbean event photos to the website, along with some of your pilots videos.

Make sure to check out the photos section on the website!

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I’d definitely recommend this VA to other people. It has a wide and unique range of routes, and a cool fleet :)


Thank you! I’m glad you like it. 😊


From one virtual airline to another…Frontier VA approves of this RedWings :)


Thank you! :D

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You can now sign up without having to wait!


I thought I could do that before :/

No, I had to manually add everyone. :)

The new TravelSky?

Why’s that? :)

I think TravelSky is/was the biggest original VA.

Oh, cool. I’m pretty sure its still active.

Yes, but I meant that Redwings would be the biggest now.

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I would certainly like that. ;)

Make sure to join in our Denver event, which is starting in 5 minutes!

Track us here: https://www.liveflightapp.com/?f=8c5c9edd-59c1-457b-8fbf-2c93fcd2769e&s=4911aada-5c89-4af2-a997-74f73050225b