[Rebranding to BOAC VA ] Redwings Virtual Airline

I’m happy to introduce Redwings!

Redwings is a virtual airline that operates the following aircraft:

  • Regional
  • Dash 8 Q400
  • E170 series
  • Short-haul
  • ​A320 series
  • Long-haul
  • ​Boeing 787
  • Boeing 777
  • Airbus A340

We fly in four regions, and you can check out our routes on the about page:

  • South California
  • Singapore & Kuala Lumpur
  • London
  • Hawaii

Please PM me if you have any questions, or if you would like a direct entry. We accept all live players, and people without live. When you sign up, you will be sent an email inviting you to the VA Slack. We expect our pilots to do two flights a month, and you will log those in a channel on Slack. We accept pilots who are also in a large amount of virtual airlines. Have fun!

We operate in the generic livery.

##Our routes
We fly from four regions:

  • South California
  • Singapore & Kuala Lumpur
  • London
  • Hawaii

###South California
Our South California base is KSAN, San Diego. A single runway airport, San Diego can take aircraft up to a 777-300ER.

  • KSAN-KLAX - Short haul
  • KSAN-KPSP - Short/long haul
  • KSAN-KNUC - Regional/short haul
  • KSAN-KONT - Regional
  • KSAN-KNXP - Long haul
  • KSAN-L35 - Regional/charter
  • KSAN-KVCV - Long haul

###Singapore & Kuala Lumpar
Our base is WSSS, Singapore Changi. A large airport, Singapore Changi offers two runways.

  • WSSS-WMBT - Regional/Charter (WMBT is a tricky airport to get into, and only smaller aircraft can fit into it. We ask only advanced pilots do this route)
  • WSSS-WIDD - Regional
  • WSSS-WMKK - Long haul

London is a busy region, with large airports dotted around. We operate out of EGBB, Birmingham airport.

  • EGBB-EGNX - Regional
  • EGBB-EGBN - Regional
  • EGBB-EGHI - Long haul
  • EGBB-EGHJ - Charter
  • EGBB-EGLF - Short haul
  • EGBB-EGLL - Short/long haul
  • EGBB-EGKK - Short/long haul
  • EGBB-EGSS - Short haul
  • EGBB-EGLC - Regional/charter (A318’s are allowed here)

Hawaii is a fun region to fly in, with beautiful scenery, and high winds. We operate out of PHNL, Honolulu International. With four runways, PHNL is often busy.

  • PHNL-PHHI - Charter
  • PHNL-PHDH - Regional
  • PHNL-PHMK - Short haul
  • PHNL-PHNY - Regional/short haul
  • PHNL-PHOG - Short haul
  • PHNL-PHKO - Long haul
  • PHNL-PHSF - Charter
  • PHNL-PHTO - Long haul

The Caribbean is a beutiful and fun place to fly. We operate of of TNCM, Princess Juliana airport, well known for its low approach over a beach.

  • TNCM-TFFC - Regional
  • TNCM-TFFR - Long haul
  • TNCM-TAPA - Short haul
  • TNCM-TRPG - Regional
  • TNCM-TKPN - Regional
  • TNCM-TKPK - Short haul
  • TNCM-TAPH - Regional
  • TNCM-TFFJ - Regional
  • TNCM-TNCS - Charter/regional (Senior Captain’s only)

Please note that most of these flights are long, however the Caribbean has short runways so cannot take the wide body aircraft we operate.

Redwings Caribbean

Redwings Caribbean is a shuttle service offered by Redwings in the Caribbean. It operates C208’s, and the routes flown are below:


You can check out our website here: http://redwings-va.weebly.com/

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Seems interesting. Can I be staff?

Looks quite decent.
Good job!

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Sure. Would you like to be event organiser?

Thanks! Do you want to join? :)

The name doesn’t have anything to do with the Detroit Red Wings does it? :) Good luck from NetJets Virtual!

Nope, just one I decided on. :)

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Maybe … !

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You can PM me if you like. :) I need a trusted person like you to help me host events. :)

meant to be like this?


Nope, this isn’t meant to be a real life airline. Didn’t know that IRL one existed.

Nope. Busy enough.

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Theres already areal airline named Redwings is this a VA of that

No, it’s not. :) It’s not meant to be. It’s a private VA.

@Joost3008 is now our short haul manager!

@Wren_Jago is now our long haul manager!

PS @PlanesForLife, we are now looking for a photographer for events, and to fill the photos section!

More pilots needed! We don’t mind how many other virtual airlines you are in. :)

Submitted an application. Just to point out A320 is classed as medium haul

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You don’t need live to join, right?

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