Rebranding, IFATC Education Group

Very exciting news to share with you. As you may be able tell from the title, we are in the process of rebranding. We will now be collaborating with the Infinite Flight ATC (IFATC) team and will now be named the IFATC Education Group. Pretty amazing.

The group will stay as it is, nothing is changing except for the branding, logo, name and domain name. Our Workshop will now be called the IFATC Education Group, dropped the word Workshop, you can sign up for that here.

To give you a little backstory on the group. We were originally called the ATC Event Group when I created the group in December of 2017. It was just a small group of 13 people that put on ATC oriented events that aimed to help create opportunities for aspiring controllers to train. As the team grew, our focus then shifted to peer to peer feedback and changed our name and to the ATC Education Group, stopping events completely as they lost popularity within the community. Over a year or so we helped over 160+ controllers pass their practical testing to become expert server controllers for the IFATC team.

After that year past, we did some restructuring because what we were doing was exactly what the IFATC Training team was doing, so we then shifted our focus to only creating content on social media and our blog to reach an even bigger audience and help a wider variety of people. And we have continued to do just that to this today with no plans on stopping. We have amassed quite a large following. I went over some of the numbers since we started the blog in this post if you’d like to have a read.

When the group was created, it was always my goal to be doing exactly what we are doing right now. This is an amazing step in the next chapter for the group and am I excited to see where this takes us.

The IFATC Education Group is made by IFATC for aspiring and current IFATC, and for the aspiring expert server pilots who will be under our control. The content we put out is made for both the least experienced of us all the way up to the most experienced pilots and controllers. It’s made for everyone, so follow us on social media and subscribe on the blog.

If you are wondering how you can help us, here’s some things I could have you do if you’re interested. One, if you’d like to help by joining our video editing team, we are looking to expand, so apply here. Two, if you have any screenshots, replays or recorded live sessions we would love to post them to our social media or make a video out of them, so submit them here.

I would like to thank @jasonrosewell for putting in a ton of work with the rebranding, @Tyler_Shelton the ATC Community Manager, and the entire Infinite Flight staff for this awesome opportunity. This will put us on a path to grow even faster and reach a even bigger audience. We’re still fixing some things so if you see the OG ATC Education Group logo or name anywhere, that’ll be changed soon.

Never stop learning!

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Ah yes, the post I have been waiting for, thanks so much for this, so proud to be part of IFATC:)

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Amazing to see what IFATC has become after all these years, yet they’re still getting more IFATC members month by month, keep it up IFATC!

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It’s been a fun project! Keep up the great work. 🥳


already said it, but it cant be said often enough ;)

Loving this new design, espacially since its related to the official Infinite Flight brand design! Amazing work.

may I know who specifically worked on this?

It is not but I agree it does look amazing! We are not affiliated with or endorsed by Infinite Flight. We are collaborating directly with the IFATC though. :)

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I especially like the background of the new logo🙃😂

I’m sure @Flying_Pencil does too. ;)


Oh absoloutly. Must have been two very skilled controllers ;)

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