Rebirth of St. Louis Lambert airport

I live in St. Louis and many of you know it is not the largest airport. TWA used to Hub there but after it crashed it has lacked in many flights. There are many unused gates and concourses. They are in a re-birth stage. It started with Wow air (I know it is bankrupt) ending its long drought with no flights to Europe. Southwest continued loyalty. I have a question for you. How do you think this airport can improve?
By this I mean, how can the clean it up, add more routes, etc.


I explored the abandoned TWA concourse at STL once. Kind of insane there’s parking markers for 747s at STL of all places.

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Yes TWA used to have 2 stationed there

St. Louis isn’t really a thriving city. Just by my last experience there, they really need to step up the attractiveness factor.

They also need to step up the amenities in the concourses. Southwest’s concourse is pretty set, but I went to the AA area and ate at the Chili’s there. It wasn’t so great.


If anything, it has to start with British Airways launching nonstop to London.

St. Louis is the number 1 U.S. city without a transatlantic flight.



Yes, Newspapers, the flystl website, and the head of route managing at St. Louis have gave people hints at this happening in 2021 there has been no official say yet though. It sounded like either BA like you said or a Delta. There have been talks of a secondary Delta hub in Stl to take pressure off Detroit and Atlanta.

Southwest is the new TWA. Nonstop flights and onestoppers to pretty much the entire country for cheap, there’s no complaints there. St. Louis seems to be steadily improving, new MLS and XFL teams looking to move in, areas of downtown changing, etc. WOW air was important as it allowed us to access Europe and they pulled out because they didn’t have the money, not because the route wasn’t making them any. BA has shown interest in flying to the smaller US airports, look at Pittsburgh and New Orleans. It’s only a matter of time till somebody decides to step in. There’s so many open gates, any airline can easily expand for a long time before worrying about running out of space.


Yes the MLS team will be huge. I did here about the Battlehawks (XFL) which I am fine about but one thing is Kroenke SUCKS

Also do you live in the Lou

Cincinnati and St. Louis are both excellent contenders for BA’s future US destinations. Both have strong fare per miles as a result of their higher business travel (reflected in higher average fare), above-average passengers to London, and good traffic to Europe. And both have strong metro GDPs: $161 billion for St. Louis, the nation’s twenty-second largest, and $138 billion for Cincinnati, the twenty-ninth. Cincinnati is also 115 miles from Columbus, another city with good demand to London and wider Europe.


Just announced, STL Airport is committing to a $2.1 million incentives package to attract international flights.

  • The “most likely” connections would be British Airways to LHR or Lufthansa to Frankfurt.
  • They are not interested in using the package for low-cost carriers (Norwegian)
  • About 300 people a day travel from STL to Europe with the majority going to London.

Just read that. Happy to hear.

No offense to St. Louisians (that’s what I’m going to assume its called) but probably one if the biggest things they can do to attract tourists and airlines is to try to get the crime rate down considering that STL is rated as one of the highest crime rate cities in the U.S.

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You did get the name right. Also that is East St. Louis across the river. And we are rated based on homocides per capita (Not crimes our rate is much lower) so 1 out of every 10000 is killed. But there are much more crimes and homocides in Chicago and LA and they have plenty of tourist.

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Except the surrounding Los Angeles and Chicago areas are much bigger and more populous than St. Louis.

There’s definitely and obviously more demand for international flights to LA and Chicago considering how many businesses there are and the massive VFR traffic with a bunch of Europeans living in Chicago and Asians living in Los Angeles.

The thing is, if you ask the average European which cities in the U.S. they know, would St. Louis be an answer?

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Yes it is, I have been there and they always say how they have relatives and more there. Oblviously we have a promblem that needs to be fixed and hopefully will. Also STL is in the middle(ish) and was a great domestic and international HUB for TWA and this is why it would be great for a International (Overseas) flight

This is because of one issue that a lot of cities don’t have. The ‘St. Louis City’ and ‘St. Louis County’ are considered different areas, which for most other cities in America, the City also encompass most of the suburbs and areas that generally have lower crime rates. If you look at data for the entire metro area (City, County, including St. Charles and Jefferson counties) the crime rate is comparable to most other cities in America. Yeah, there are definitely some places you’d rather not spend a whole lot of time in, but for the most part, St. Louis is a peaceful place.

Saying that because we have high crime rates, (again, only the city) we can’t get a pond hopper is ridiculous and misinformed.

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Low key forgot St. Louis Lambert airport existed 💀


I agree. Do u also live here

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Indeed I do. I really hope we can get a flight to Europe. 300 pax a day can easily support a BA 788. International flights only lead to growth as well, 300 pax/day without a nonstop will only lead to more if we actually get a nonstop. Even if BA doesn’t operate daily (which they probably won’t) I can definitely see a Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday type schedule.

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Yes I would like to see that I was born when TWA dissolved