Rebal15’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome to @rebal15’s ATC tracking thread!


Where: LFPG
Training server
Tower and ground


Please only request to remain in the pattern if you are doing pattern work, touch and goes etc.

I need to practice my pattern work especially, so if anyone is willing to do that, please feel free!

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Just curious.
Why are you landing and taking off on the opposite side of the runways?
All operations should be going in the same direction unless it’s an airport where that is not possible:)

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Sorry, my mistake!


Might want to change this bit

I’ll swing by for a few patterns

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Ok a few things to work on:

  • When approving a transition, you should approve them at 2500 feet AAL, meaning you take the airports elevation and add it onto 2500. As LFPG is at 392 feet, so the appropriate altitude to give would be 3000 whereas you approved me at 1500, and if there were other aircraft in the pattern and I hadn’t had climbed to 2900 there could have been a lot of conflict. The reason for this is because the minimus separation is 1000 feet and commercial jets’ pattern altitude is 1500 feet AGL

  • You need to clear for the option a lot earlier. Try to clear them when they are on crosswind, you cleared me a lot later more like when I was turning base. That was why I kept reporting my position as you weren’t clearing me.

  • There is no need to say “after the option make right traffic”. The only times you need to do that is when you want the aircraft in the pattern to change direction of traffic, E.G if I was on right traffic and you wanted me to switch to left traffic you’d say “after the option make left traffic”
    Another time you’d need to use it is when an aircraft is inbound and they called for touch an go, like me. So that was the only correct time when you used it
    When to Tell Aircraft Direction of Traffic to Make on Clearance
    This topic explains it pretty well.

  • I was going to test you on runway changes but you said “unable” there were no aircraft inbound to 26L so there was no reason to deny me the runway change. Then while I was turning crosswind, you told me to “enter right base runway 26L”, when it was too late for the runway change as I was already on crosswind so it wouldn’t be very practical for me to go to 26L, which is why I then requested to stay on 27L.

  • When I called inbound and was on downwind, you told me to enter right base. When an aircraft is remaining in the pattern, unless there are aircraft on final so you need to deconflict, you shouldn’t control when they turn base as that is up to pilot discretion. The appropriate message would be to enter right downwind. The same goes for the runway change. You do tell them to enter base however if they are already on right base.

  • You need to give an exit command when I finish my pattern work. That instructs the aircraft to exit the runway and then contact ground, which is why I requested a frequency change because you never instructed me to exit the runway or change to

Hope this helps!

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Thank you very much, I’ll work on these!

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Also may I suggest not opening up Paris as it is a large TS hub and you will get all the trolls as shown by this picture here:

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