Reassuring ATC Services at popular airports

Hello, I just want to ask what’s the reason of some airports missing certain frequencies? Such as Dunhuang. I think a minimum requirement is to have all 3D airports fixed with correct frequencies (GTS, then AD optional). I suppose it’s not hard to find these information on a diagram online. Having these missing frequencies really solved the issue of not having sufficient controls.

Some airports like for example Sendai, don’t have certain frequencies irl, and to which the people responsible for creating the frequencies of airports are just trying to abide with that.

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Though, most Class C airports can use their diagrams as references. I don’t see why editors/IF is missing those.

Also, I’m only referring to those with 3D, since it turns out those are the more popular choices.

Airports go through an extensive and meticulous review before being released and one of the things that are checked are the frequencies that can be found in charts, match the ones added by the editor(s). It’s not possible to add non-existent frequencies for the purpose you’re mentioning, since the idea is to attach to realism as much as possible.

As you can see on this chart, at ZLDH you only have two tower frequencies, which were added to the airport in-app. No other frequencies should be added regardless of the fact that is a small airport and that further ATC coverage (AD) could potentially improve traffic volume.


If you have reports of recently updated airports missing frequencies shown in charts you’re welcome to report this. Have a good one!