Reasons we ghost

Hello everyone :-)

In the last weeks I saw a lot of complaints because some users were ghosted for an unknown reason. With this post I’m trying to help you to find out yourself why you got ghosted without having you making another topic. Think again about your flight and try to find out why we ghosted you.

We ghosted you because you were:

  • Not following the issued sequence
  • Lining up on the runway for takeoff/landing without clearance
  • Landing/taking off from grass or taxiway
  • Not responding to instruction after 2-3 attempts
  • Sending many duplicates messages in a short period of time
  • Taking off/landing without clearance
  • Crashing into or taxiing through other aircraft
  • Spamming frequency
  • Using an offensive call sign or display name
  • Continuing to disrupt after multiple ghosting
  • Flying faster then 550 knots GS under FL400

If you still don’t know why you were ghosted, please contact the controller in question or an IFATC Moderator like @joe or @Tyler_Shelton with the following informations:

  • Callsign (at the time you were ghosted)
  • Date and time (Zulu time is preferred)
  • Controller name (if you remember)
  • Screenshots of the communication log, map and controller information (if available)

Just informing everyone that we don’t ghost someone “just for fun”, we have really strict ghosting guidelines and every single ghosting is tracked and recorded. If you follow all the instructions given, you won’t be ghosted.

IFATC Adrien (ATC Specialist)

If I did a spelling mistake, don’t hesitate to correct myself. Thanks.


You mean FL400 not FL040

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Yes thanks for the correction.

You mean without clearance?

And good post!

Yes of course. ;-)
Thanks for the correction.

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Nice post. Wasn’t sure who was controlling but last night we had an amazing controller at meigs field. It was a lot of fun. Joe was there. And then this guy in a CCX just decides to taxi onto the runway without permission, through a line of aircraft and over the grass. Sad


Thanks! I hope this idiot got ghosted.


Hahah he did. He started turning around on the threshold after ATC had warned him, and then poof he disappeared


Like magic… ;)


Hahahahahaha that’s great

Adding to the above, “…expect runway - -” after pushback does NOT mean taxi clearance. Its a sure shot ghosting especially when you dont stop after the ground controller issues “wait for clearance before taxiing”. This has been reported by many controllers over the past week.


That and also people requesting things multiple times. I’ve seen far more duplicate messages being sent since the update and I’m not sure if it’s a bug or if it’s just people being naive.


That’s people not being patient bro :/ or just blind people who dont see the traffic on final


Yes, but I think we aren’t allowed to ghost for this, but it’s quite important also.
Today as I was controlling KPDX there were a lot of aircrafts taxiing without clearance.

Yes we can @Adrien, and we should. Its Expert Server for a reason. I’d never ghost if they stop after the "wait for clearance’’ warning. When the pilot continues his taxi even after receiving the warning to stop & hence acts like a nimrod, then ghost. (Again, it depends on the traffic, if its light I’d be more lenient and vice versa) :)


On the the expert server:
ATCs… there is too much foolishness on the expert server. Those kids who don’t behave, ghost them. I’m REAL FED UP with the pilots who get away with too much.

  1. The grade system has to change. Too many rookies on expert server (my opinion)
  2. discipline has to be enforced, big time, by ATCs to make an example that the rules are TRULY AND STRICTLY ENFORCED. Forcing the pilots to behave. Its the expert server now… then it needs to be conducted as such to keep the knuckleheads away
  3. Reporting from pilots should be “2” reports to ghost instead of 3 on the expert server. (my opinion)
  4. PILOTS… Just because an ATC leaves an airport… THAT IS NOT A REASON TO START ACTING THE FOOL. Maintain discipline. You are on the EXPERT SERVER. Behave as such… the rules still apply.
  5. PILOTS… There are too many tutorials on here. Do your homework. The expert server is NOT… I repeat… NOT A LEARNING SERVER. You should already know the in and outs on the server before you fly on the server… keyword: EXPERT. Just because you hit 10K Xp’s don’t make you an expert!
  6. PILOTS… Don’t like being ghosted on the expert server… READ #5 again till you understand what it takes to fly like an expert!

Anyone who know me, know I don’t mind speaking my mind and the truth. I’m not perfect but I try to keep it real and to the point with no sugar coating! It is already a shame that the Devs have to have rules, violations, ghosting and free flight (casual servers) to a simulator (not a game) because too many of you pilots don’t wanna fly the proper way and intentionally want to mess up others experience. Well… Don’t catch feelings when your ghosted. If pilots was acting right, flying right and have etiquette there will be no need for ghosting! So those who act up, blame yourself. Your the reason ghosting exist! Read #4 &#5 ^^^

For everyone, pilots and ATCs… pay attention, have patience, and have fun… Cause that’s what it is really all about. Having fun and enjoying the love of I.F. and each other. @Tyler_Shelton @Joe @Mark_Denton @Laura @philippe

p.s. Stop bugging folks or posting about the next update. Geewiz, be happy and appreciate that the Devs are doing what it takes to make us happy. Updates don’t happen every week, so be glad when they do! Sorry for the long post but I had to vent… Happy flying… ~Las Vegas


It’s really nice to see you and other pilots enjoying and taking this Flight Sim seriously . Myself and other Mods try our hardest to watch over the regions when we are flying and controlling . But we can’t always be everywhere all the time. But if you see someone totally being a nimrod while your flying, don’t hesitate to message myself or others and let us know about it. Many times Advanced ATC will let one of us know , and we will just open up in the region where the problem pilot is and “ghost” them.


This is a tricky problem to solve. We have thought long and hard how to make this work without penalizing honest pilots, or even requiring too much of a fight time to access the server.

If you have any ideas on how to improve the system, please send it our way. And think outside the box. Anything can help.


I was thinking of a 10-15 question test you take when you reach grade 3 that gets submitted to a bot that qualifies, the test could contain basic procedure questions and ATC comms, etc (Questions should be randomized to prevent cheating). The test could be taken in the app so you guys don’t have to come up with a linking feature to the forums. And you’d have to take your test monthly.


Infinite Flight is an Awesome Sim. But as we have a lot of resources to train for ATC, we currently don’t have enough resources to train pilots. Marks and Tyler’s tutorials are great for those who watch them and want to make themselves better. I think things have gotten a lot better over the last many months and will continue to improve with time .