Reasons for buying global

I am not saying global is not worth it but it is expensive and I don’t know if I am willing to pay the price for it. Please give me reasons why i should buy it and if you know why it costs so much please tell me. Also do you think global will drop in price when most people have it.


I believe the reason for global being so expensive is because the amount of imagery they have put into this and getting all the data and information is time consuming and also expensive.
If you have the money, you should certainly get global as it is a great investment, as you can fly real life, realistic routes, with fuel burn and the amazing scenery.
Plus you get all the airplanes and it lasts for a whole year. You will also get to join VA’s and fly in events posted on here.

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Well for starters, it’s global! You get to fly anywhere, at anytime. Want to fly from Washington DC to Pyongyang in Air Force one, you can do that! The possibilities are endless. And, you get every aircraft unlocked! That includes any future aircraft, such as the MD-11, DC-10, etc. it’s less than a dollar a day, and worth every penny.

Trust me, you will not regret investing your money into Global. Not only are you getting an amazing product, you are supporting an amazing company. Global is truly the new era of flight simming on mobile devices. You will not find anything like it on the App Store, and it competes with FSX at a fraction of the cost.


I suggest instead of asking other people on what they think about global, try it out yourself. Start with 1 month instead of going for a year that way if you don’t think it’s worth you won’t lose that much.


Global will most likely not drop the price but it is the best portable flight sim for all smartphones and ipads. The price your paying is worth it and you wont regret it. Although (it does take up alot of space). So anyways, I would suggest looking at the app features itself and decide if Infinite Flight Simulator is the right app for you

How much space do you need.

You will NOT regret it. It is truly amazing. There is a reason it costs this much; they have spent so much money on imagery and other things. To get an idea of the cost, this is the website of the imagery they use. You can see it costs A LOT.

Do it do it do it. You won’t regret it.

No words needed. Give them your money already!

In all seriousness, Global is worth it. Give it a try!


IF takes around 4GB worth of space on my device and I fly global regularly.

Not much, there are no pre-downloaded regions anymore because the imagery is streamed over internet now.