Reasonably Short Titled Fly-Out Event @ NTAA • 012100ZFEB20

Capitalizing off this post, with the help of my iPhone, WiFi, the forum, my fingers, @ThomasThePro, and @ran we will be having a nice fly-out from beautiful French Polynesia because the area is very purty.

Photo credit to Infinite Flight

Event Details

Server: Expert
Airport: NTAA
Time: 2020-02-01T21:00:00Z

There will be no gates for this event, simply spawn in and fly in any aircraft you like. You can fly in a group or split off and do your own thing.


You need to read this. ;)


This is an actual event! No joking here!

I helped make the event and I’ll join you there.

I will likely fly from Tahiti to Auckland before heading off towards Hong Kong. So that’s NTAA-NZAA-VHHH.

If you want to fly the same route, PM me for grouping

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Events within events are the best kind of events.


Yep, groups in a flyout :)

this makes me want to 🤦. anyways, i’ll be there.

Ok I come thanks

😂😂 oh dear… your posts always make me laugh @Trio - anyway sorry I do Rowing on Saturday mornings so can’t attend - sorry…


Even if you don’t attend, the fact that this event will be floating around the #live:events category is enough of a help in itself.

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@Trio 👏🤦‍♂️

Great Event! :) 😎

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Ok I’m in. I had no idea this was actually an event

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Sign me up fr (not 100% sure but ill see if i can make it)

Thanks @Trio for making this event! In a just a few hours, we made a dream a reality :)

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Wish it would be titled:


But… this will suffice, I’ll be there!

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Pretty cool and interesting knowing my event is on that same day… 😂

Who’s excited? I am!

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I might join the flight from NTAA to Auckland

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Few more days!

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I’m actually going to attend this lmao

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Annnnnd, for the Europeans. I switched the time to 21:00 UTC. 😘

Still better than most of my events