Reasonably-Priced Compatible Android Devices

Hello everyone my name is Duarte I am from Portugal and I have 16 years old and at this age I can not get my own money so I came to this wonderful community if you know some cheap android devices to play IF without problems of crash, or lag, in my current device I play at 10-20fps (always bad landings)

Thank you


Here is a thread that can help you:

It will tell you all the devices that are compatible with Infinite Flight. Look them up and find out which of those devices are the cheapest!

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Hi there, Welcome to the forum.

One device which i will always recommend, if you have the budget, is an ipad 2018. Many people here use it and have virtually no issues with it. It can run infinite flight smoothly at the max settings and can handle busy airports easily.

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Thank you so much

To all people are helping me ,I’m very grateful

Hmm Huawei p20 lite, 250€ or Huawei nova 4,400€

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