Reason why 737ng engines are flat on the bottom

I found this interesting personally and didn’t find a topic on it. To sum it up it is so they could keep the aircraft low to the ground.

Here is the video that I saw that on. I recommend watching it

I guessed this anyway. I though it was obvious but I guess I’m just a genius 😎


The -300s were even flatter since they were even lower than the NGs

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I’m dubious on that point. It’s fairly common knowledge, considering it’s one of the easiest ways to spot a 737. [Don’t rattle off others, I said one of…]


Here I was thinking they were flat also so pilots or airport crew could have a seat on them to take brief break lol


Because the Boeing 737 family has such Tiny landing gear compared to the a320!!

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Probably because of the landing gear or how low the plane is.

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Best seat on the ramp! 😂😂😂

Nice idea and great explanation 😄

well on the MAX version the landing gear has been raised to support the new Leap 1B engines on the MAX, but on the NG they use CFM6’s which are engines with a flat bottom, just because the landing gear was very small back then

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