Rear wing view on 737 family

By rear wing view I mean adding a wing view farther back from the current one, it would look really cool in turbulence seeing the winglets shake, also you can see the cool edges better, I mean a wing view like this,v

look at how cool this looks. I hope other people like this.

I know we have the engine view, and the normal wing view, but this is different, I like it! Sadly, I’m out of votes, it’s disappointing, I know, but it’s the truth. 🙁

i voted, i see this wing view most the times i fly, and i love it, definitely want to see it some day

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Thanks, I like it because it feels like you are at the edge of the plane.

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Thanks for voting.

I sat in the same spot (but on the right) on the 737, it’s one of the best seats! It’d be nice to see it in IF one day.

I sit there all the time!

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Mods can close this now since we are getting a locked free camera which will pretty much fix this.

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