Rear 737-900ER exit door

I noticed the 737-900ER has an extra exit behind the wing exits and before the last rear exit . Whats weird is that its only found on some while on others its just a window . Any reason ??


Probably cabin density. A320 neo aircraft have different config where more or less emergency exits are needed


I’ve noticed it on newer aircraft mainly, but @Chatta290 gave a good answer, it really does depend on seating. I know that when (hopefully soon) the B737MAX10 enters service, it will be standard for that exit due to capacity.


I believe the 737-900ER has the mid-aft exit door, whereas the 737-900 does not.


Per wikipedia, the door is plugged on request of the customer. The extra door enables additional passengers to be carried at the option of the customer as the FAA has passenger egress time requirements to ensure that passengers can evacuate safely (without their cabin baggage) in case of an emergency.


Pax loads. Carriers like Turkish ‘plug’ the doors as they don’t need the extra door due to their less dense config. Airlines like Lion Air and Ryanair ( on the max 200) have it to increase the exit limit as they max out the passenger density allowed.

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Danman has it correct.

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