Realnickchan’s ATC Tracking thread - [OPEN] @ EGLL

Server: Training
Airport: London Heathrow EGLL
DOnt be discouraged from coming because you think there are trolls, there are actually very few. Most of them just don’t know how to play they aren’t deliberately trolling

I am not allowed to join IFATC due to my reputation hahaha

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We are using 27R for landing and patterns and 27L for takeoff

If you are training yourself for IFATC then I recommend not to open major airports like EGLL or KLAX for practice.

There is a massive queue at terminal 2 everyone don’t spawn therr someone waited 9 minutes for pushback

I moved to OAKB Kabul Afghanistan

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I’m now at EGLL come fly

Right now it’s not that busy, I expect peak traffic to be starting in about 2 hours
Using 27R for takeoff and 27L for landing/patterns

Does anyone want to be approach and departure controller? I need a good controller to do approach and departure

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