Realnickchan’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Come fly at VHHH training server
Airport: VHHH
Server: Training
Come here to see some great ATC skill

more planes are needed, come if you wanna see some great ATC skill

Did you want feedback?

Feedback from AP-ORT:

  • TBM’s cannot pushback, taxi was all I needed
  • Frequency change approved could have been given when I departed the airspace. I was coming back but if an aircraft was departing, why keep them? Get them off your back. Makes your job easier.
  • Transition altitude was low, should have been 3,000ft. Basically, the way I do it is the airport altitude rounded up to the nearest 500ft, then add 2500ft. So, a 14 foot elevations is 500ft then add 2,500ft which makes 3,000. That they way I think of it.
  • Nice job putting me on L as well as putting me on left traffic due to terrain, really good awareness
  • No sequence for me or Singapore, we need to one. This should be done on my crosswind. Without a sequence, I assumed I was #1 to land
  • Late clearance. Clearances should be given on the downwind or crosswind.
  • No need for slowest practical speed, I’m already slower than the 77W plus we had a decent amount of spacing by that point
  • No exit runway, usually given around 70kts for airliners, slower for GA aircraft
  • No handover to ground. If you miss the exit runway, a simple handoff to ground will do

Thanks for the service! Let me know if you want help on how to improve in any specific area!

ok thank you

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You closed ?



  • Good choice to make left traffic to avoid the high terrain on the right.

  • [07:19] I do not understand why you changed my runway assignment without me to request, and without any other traffic. Anyway, the change was well executed.

  • Late response when I announced the Go-around. Overall, the response time was quite long.

  • [07:26] I requested a runway change, and you directly gave me an option clearance. DON’T forget the pattern entry, and eventually a sequence (if needed) !

Have a nice one and do not hesitate to PM me if you have any questions😁👋🏼

ok thank you

Hello 👋

Feedback from Delta 911 @VHHH

My first pattern attempt:

I was cleared to remain in the pattern with left traffic rwy 27L. This pattern had high terrain, I was remaining at pattern alt with the intentions of T/G (Touch and go). This resulted in me crashing into the impending mountain terrain within the said pattern instruction. Be sure of your surroundings when controlling. I was unable to correct for the terrain in time.

My second pattern attempt:

Again I requested to take off runway 27 left remaining in the pattern in sequence, you cleared me to take off Runway 27 left with right traffic, shortly after I started to turn right crosswind you closed the frequency however if you would have stayed active until the end of the pattern you would have seen a successful Landing on this attempt.

My final observation is this:

Ground frequency instructions were flawless nothing to be added there

Tower frequency be sure of your surroundings at all times when controlling and giving instructions however you failed to give me cleared for the option Clarence and you did not give me a sequence if a sequence was required before closing the frequency other than that you did excellent keep up the good work

Tip: You might want to consider flying the airport you plan on controlling yourself conducting two Patterns, first a left traffic pattern and then a right pattern to get an idea of the surrounding terrain for that airport

Thank you for controlling 😀

yeah I know thanks

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