Really not feeling comfortable in Training Server's future

I am really worry about Training server future. Here is my listed things that I am worrying:

1. Continentals flying

North American


Everyone knows that, training server’s always have many pilots at EGLL, KLAX or KSFO. It is so annoying that some continentals such as Australia or South America even don’t have people in there. If the problem still not solved, 89% TS pilots will only fly between North American and United Kingdom. It is so unrealistic, too.

2. Ocean flying

As I mentioned (1) before, they will only fly between North American and United Kingdom. So they will cross the Atlantic ocean. From I began to come in TS to now, I have seen less people use Pacific ocean.

Pacific ocean:

3. Airport overcrowded 

I think this problem is the most serious. People ALWAYS go to EGLL, KSFO and KLAX. It is super unrealistic!!!

Hope IF can solve this problem and dont make IF looks unrealistic.


The training server will never change. I avoid it like the plague.


But I think training will change one day if IF can solve these problems

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Not necessarily much of a problem. Realism cannot be enforced on everybody in every server, and people are allowed where they want. There isn’t much of a way to drag people away from the places that they deem most important to them, (LAX, SFO, JFK, LHR), then let it be so. And people can fly whatever routes they want too. If you feel this is so much of a problem, then fly on Expert, Casual, or solo, where you can fly wherever you want without being… interfered with by other pilots flying “unrealistically”.


The training server is not meant to be the main server. In the Expert server, air traffic control is all of the planet so you don’t have to worry about it. Trading server is really meant to be there to learn how to fly for the new people, and to learn how to control for IFATC

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ok, I see :)

Also, rather than just asking IF to fix it, do you have an idea of how this problem could be solved? People downloaded this application to gain the freedom to roam the world in whatever aircraft or to/from whatever airports they please. I’m sure people wouldn’t be too happy with the way their subscription money was being spend if they were banned from the airports that they enjoy to fly to the most.

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No matter the sever it is always up to the pilot to decide where to fly. I understand there can be some frustration by the lack of diversity.

Training Server will be training. We can’t enforce what airports are popular and which airports are neglected. Expert has 1,000 times more variety between the airports used and such. People will fly where they like, wether it’s realistic or not.

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As is in the name, the Training Server is meant for people to… Train. Mistakes will be made, and think of it this way; it’s good that mistakes are happening there so that it won’t happen in the Expert Server; where all the big events, and et cetera occur. This applies to both pilots and controllers, and after all, if people are going to be held to high standards at all times where are they going to be able to freely make mistakes so that they can learn from that?


agree with that

People can, and will, fly where they want. Thanks!