so i was flying into MMMX with about 10 minutes of fuel and i couldn’t turn 180 and the ATC gave me a violation.


Hello there. Please PM @Enrique_Fernandez and he will be happy to discuss with you regarding your violation :)

Hey @Jay_M you should dm the controller and talk to him why he gave you the vio and see if you can appeal it.

there was heavy winds which delayed me

i did. now i see why a lot of people stopped playing infinite flight like which part of “unable” doesn’t he understand

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@Jay_M Hope you can get your Vio appealed


i did 3 good times. one he said change speed to 220 and i did then he said “please follow instructions or you will he reported” and later he said “change speed to 200 knots” and i did then he reported me

Instead of bashing controllers publicly, please kindly contact your controller to discuss the violation. Thanks.


Well, you’re not getting anywhere with that mindset then.


In a sense he is right. Yes it is bashing but. If a pilot responds with unable the controller should be able to understand that.

Well lets just let Him and the controller discuss about the vio with out getting any deeper

Well it’s not there fault. It’s not like there is voice and you can tell them specifically what your problem is. Also they don’t know how much fuel you have they just know that you aren’t following there directions.

Bye why couldn’t you turn again? Bc Ik that fuel doesn make you not turn.

Were you present at the airport? Probably not. Every controller has their reasons for reporting a user, and saying unable for no reason (in this case fuel, that is not a valid point, see below) disrupt traffic flow especially at hub airports. Instead of having a ton of users who wasn’t present assuming things, please, @Jay_M, contact your controller in private. Only the controller would know why he reported you, so bashing the controller doesn’t solve anything at all.


Hi, Jay!

Many others already gave you the correct advice by telling you to contact the controller, @Enrique_Fernandez, or @appeals directly. Note that any disrespectful message will be ignored and we encourage our controllers not to engage. Take a few minutes before contacting!

That said, with 10 minutes of fuel remaining you likely should have diverted 30+ minutes ago. It’s not the controller’s responsibility to ensure all pilots have adequate fuel and accommodate that, especially if the emergency fuel message hasn’t been transmitted. The expectation when flying into a main HUB should be that there will be delays and additional vectors for sequencing and traffic flow. Plan accordingly and divert when needed.