Really Laggy Replay Mode

This isn’t a huge deal, but I did KSFO-KSEA in an Alaska a320. I landed about 30 minutes ago and decided to look at the replay of my landing. I know I didn’t have a bad landing. I was a little high though. But I landed the plane smoothly and in like 1 second it was to the ground. And it was bouncing and I know for a fact I did not bounce. I was still like 50-100 feet in the air when it didn’t even move and just went down. And I was going like 120 knots and it said I was going 102 knots. Please help. Cheers!

This seems like you’re telling us about your landing. Please elaborate on the lagginess part, please.

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He is saying the aircraft was shown bouncing in the replay although he did not (since he greased?)

Anyways, it could just be network issues. I am not an expert in this, but maybe you could share the replay :)

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I have updated it and given more info.

I don’t think so because my internet is always good.

Network issues are probably to blame here… From experience and a bit of guess work, replays are derived from a WiFi based activity log for your aircraft. This is the reason why if you loose connection, the replay stops. You may find with faster WiFi you have a much better replay experience.

I find if I have a bad connection, my replays tend to be stuttery and inaccurate.

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Yes. Network issues are the most probable cause. I’ve noticed recently that when I watch a replay over bad connection, the replay is slow and stuttering. If you turn off your Wi-Fi, the issue has gone away in my experience. If not, try deleting and reinstalling the app. If that doesn’t work, power your phone all the way off and let it sit for around 15-30 minutes.

I will see next time I use this. If it does the same thing I will do what you say. Thank you and happy flying.


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