**Really IFVARB?**

I have sent multiple messages to IFVARB admins most are Normaly 6 days apart and even multiple people. And no one will even say I’m busy let me text you later. Really bad activity from the admins.

Who did you contact?


Bluepanda, Aquilia And Danman


Well, they have been tagged, good luck gettin’ a hold of them!


Thanks markstursy,

Have a nice day or night
(Good morinin😂)

Anytime! Good mornin!
And just a heads up, they maybe a sleep so it might be a few hours before they respond

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I hope you’ve contacted them respectfully… Nothing like this topic.
If you contacted them with any kind of attitude, I wouldn’t blame them for ignoring you…
Patience is always key, it’s a very busy time of year for some people 😉


Thanks, I did contact them in a respectful manner. So dw about that. My goal is to always be nice and respectful no matter the situation.

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That’s good to hear 🙂

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Are you trying to open up a VA or VO

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Mhmmm (: