Really disappointing (MMMX Operations)

So, the Expert Server has the goal to being as most realistic as possible, right?

Well, here are 2 points that Im really dissapointed, as a Mexican who flew there several times in IF and IRL. Disclamer: Im not a pilot. Also im not IFATC

  1. The Runway selection: How the controllers handles it? Pretty easy, following the FAA recommendations/Rules. For example: Don’t use a Runway for depatures and a Runway for Arrivals. IFATC, following this rule: handles like that: Runway 5L for the North and Runway 5R for the South, making a unrealistic flight or session in Mexico, specially if you fly a no-narrow-body jet. How is the realistic way: Runway 5R/23L is used for Arrivals ONLY, and is used for Heavy depatures, so RWY 5L is used for all the depature (except heavies).

  1. Arrivals: That shouldn’t be a problem for the approach (for example: @Enrique_Fernandez, who has a lot of experience in Mexico), but some hours ago, there was no Radar, but there was Tower. In that time, I requested landing on Runway 23L, the perfect one for a Heavy aircraft. In fact, most of the inbound aircraft tried to be realistic. There was a lot of spacing between each aircraft, but he was following the IFATC “recommendations” based on FAA, form the USA. He was sending to 23R for those who were coming from the north, and the 23L for aircraft inbound fromn the south. Well, I understand because there was like many aircraft inbound, but it can be VERY rare IRL. There was almost a parallel landing, which is NOT AUTHORIZED (also IRL). Yeah, some times you have to be unrealistic.

I think that sometimes doing something different of the Manual can provide more realism (and success)
So that’s that I want to say, Im sorry if this is a insult. I invite to the controllers to research the airport before opening, so the ES can be as much realistic as possible.

Have a great day all :)

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Incorrect, IFATC tries to provide things as efficient as possible, not realistic. The people at MMMX are doing a great job may I add, considering they are getting 59 arrivals an hour.


The goal of Expert server isn’t to be realistic per-se. In accordance with the ATC Manual, §4.1.1, all runways should normally be used for both departures and arrivals. This is because featured airports see far more traffic in IF than the real world does, and using all available space reduces delays.

I agree. While realism is nice, our goal is to be as efficient and safe as possible

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Dear Sir,
if you look for ultimate realism procedures created by parttime aviation enthusiasts and rookies like us you have downloaded the wrong app! :D

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I understand the realism part but with 60 inbounds an hour, efficiency is much more important. You know how long people would be vectored if they only used one runway for landings? 😬


Nope sorry. The goal of the expert server is to be as efficient as possible.


Correct. Being a radar controller myself, it is super hard to control an airport with 2 runways with 150+ arrivals. When this is the case, realism goes out the window and it is just trying to get people to the ground as efficiently/fast as possible.

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But how it goes in Real Life? Like 120 per Hour

This isn’t real life; this is a mobile flight simulator with volunteer controllers. We aren’t paid and this isn’t our full time job. We direct virtual traffic and don’t have million dollar equipment and lives in our hands. Big difference. In real life there can be up to 20 controllers at once, and expertly trained pilots.


You also have to take into account this is a mobile flight sim. This is not a control tower with 20 other controllers helping you get planes to the ground. For the planes that MMX has now, they are doing a brilliant j on.

I highly doubt that. Also, real world pilots have a decently-sized brain, unlike the majority of expert server pilots.


That is fax. But hey its IF

Alright, the OP is trying to make a good point. Let’s not completely disregard it.

I think the primary reason for the manual saying what it does on runway selection is because it has to be very general. Why? We control literally everywhere in the world. We can’t possibly use realistic procedures for all airports. There are NOTAMs that we follow for airports where ultra realistic procedures are required (like KASE and London Gatwick).

Ultimately it would definitely be nice if we could always follow the real life operations - but like @United2 said, when the number of inbounds is as high as it is, it’s pretty impossible to do that today at MMMX.


I’m gonna be honest, if you are looking for a more authentic simulator experience, you are playing on the wrong platform my guy. IF doesn’t offer the kind of experience you are looking for. IF isn’t going to offer the realistic experience you are looking for, I’d advise you try to attempt to move to a desktop based simulator if you are looking for a realistic ATC experience, you won’t look back…


That sounds like an awful lot. Some quick research reveals:

The airport has suffered from a lack of capacity due to restrictions on expansion, since it is located in a densely populated area. In 2014, Mexican authorities established and declared a maximum capacity of 61 operations per hour
(Mexico City International Airport - Wikipedia)

Now I’m not holding up Wikipedia up as an authoritative source, but one plane per minute sounds a much more realistic landing rate than one every 30 seconds.


Right, ok. A misunderstood. Thanks all :)(

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Wow… the replies… it’s as if OP stepped on a landmine…


Right now it’s 23 aircraft per hour.

Edit: didn’t see Mateo’s post above

It’s more of productive discussion than arguing back and forth, for once. Leave it be.