Really Crazy Idea

Would IF ever allow in game modding like msfs or community created 3D models and livery and planes to push out more planes and livery and to allow the use of others extra free time to assist in development and more over bring more aircraft and livery variety to the game and shorting the development process.

~Sorry if i didn’t post this in the right category~

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We actually have an open feature request for this; you can just go ahead and vote for it if you want to 😊


It would be cool to add scenery editing to this as well
Not airports but general scenery such as trees and buildings in cities such as NY or LA

Prepare for global reports of exploding devices - They simply cannot handle trees and cities etc.

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I know but it would be cool

You’re telling me the iPad Pros can’t handle trees and buildings?

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sorry im going to correct the grammar

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