really big moons

One question, how do people get so up close to the moon it looks really cool please help thanks


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Just use the free camera and align it with the plane and moon. You just need to find the moon!

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Can you do when your at FL320

I would assume so - you can do it anywhere

Because when I put free camera I try to go as fast as i can and it just goes away from me

Take the photo in solo so you can pause the game and replay. Also, to get a really close up shot of the moon, move the free cam as far away from the aircraft and then zoom in.


If you’re looking for a day when there will be a full moon, look here: Full moon calendar 2023: When to see the next full moon | Space


It’s called compression, which means the further the zoom of the camera is, the closer objects look to one another, the more compressed the image is. It’s a common photography technique, and it applies here in IF. Here’s an example:


You can see the difference. The same applies here in IF. The free camera without it being focused is similar to an ultra wide, while it being focused, or “double tapped”, its more equivalent to a super telephoto, which compresses the image, and gives you the nice, big moon.


Search this up before posting. It has been said every second post on Best IF photos topics, it really isn’t that hard…

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A study has shown that it works best only if you are a wolf. Sucks if you aren’t a wolf…from a wolf’s perspective


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