Really bad glitches

I’m just watch Yt rn. I have IF asstiatce and i hear it say gear down. am i the only one worth this flight were ap would disconnect of gear would come down tamely in the middle of you flight with out doing anything? I have even crashed a couple of time bc of this.

i had the same problem but i just restarted the game

I have not experienced this before. A/P should normally not disconnect when gear comes down. When and how did this happen?

but i am in the middle of a flight rn and i just happened again

Have you got voice commands on in IF-Assistant?

ok then turn of IF assitant

i worded it wrong. ap would auto disconnect. also gear would roomily come down. like it just dig

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i do have them

what do you mean?

like just close the app but not IF

If i close the app then i will lose my flight

not IF close IF ascendant

Ok, I have experienced this before.

When you are talking around the device, IFA may pick up some speech as “Gear Down/up” even if you say something else. That would bring the gear down.

Sometimes it may also pick it up as “My Plane” which is the command to disconnect AP.

I have experienced this before, I have to say the only solution is to disable voice commands.

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why would i do that. i don’t have a problem with IFA

o ok. ill try that.

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thats it. it just happened

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