Realistic Windshear

Winshear is the worst thing you can face while flying, which is why pilots tend to avoid it or go around when there is a warning. You can loose allot of air speed while encountering one of these puppy’s. In infinite flight we have WindShear which really is not like the real thing, if ya’ll dont know what windshear is, basically its a change in windspeed, my idea would be that you encounter it than your plane rolls, turns, or shake violently to the right or left depending on the wind derection(s) and you loose 20-50 knots of airspeed depending how powerfull the shear is, i think this would be great if any weather/storms or clouds are added in the future, would make the game much more realsitic.
There could also be a toggle on or off feature, as pilots such as joshua smithley will easily crash because of this, or any TS1 pilot in fact. But those who have pilot skill and can take a challenge can turn this on and can pretend to enjoy loosing 50 knots of airspeed and stall and crash and burn and die.

I wonder how many pilots in Training Server would crash because of this…

Anyway for those who don’t understand might want to see this image


Yea basically the downdraft winds is windshear, like a micro burst.

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I can only imagine the chaos. Pilots are already bad.

But I like it. Just I am out of votes, sorry!


I gave it a vote! I love the idea!

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Gave it a vote ! Amazing idea ! It would be more fun to land in storms once global is released if they add that


Earned my last vote! This is needed;)

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I would vote for it but I’m all out I think

Here’s a great video about a story about windshear and rough whether.

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Thank god this was requested, such a beautiful word: windshear.
If only it felt good as a passenger.

I just want this to make people’s lives harder.


You should check my bio, it containes crucial info on josh smith and tom.

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Isn’t wind shear already in IF? I think I did flew into couple of windshears and my plane was all over on my screen. I saw sudden change in wind direction and strength, maybe it wasn’t sudden enough to be a wind shear one. IF relies on METAR reports so we could look at weather radar and find where thunderstorms are then fly there.

I would like to see heavy rain, dark visibility, and lightings associated with the thunderstorm through. Maybe try to add tornado when there is active tornado sight in real life. We should start pay attention to weather when we are flying.

I’m all in for more realistic weather conditions, you got my pretend vote. I’m out of votes ☹️.

The windshear in IF is weak and pale compared to windshear in real life, if there was realsitic windshear in IF to fly into i would like to see allot of airspeed loss and your plane shaking like if you where inside a hurricane.

I’m sure that would be a chaos if that’s happening on SoCal TS1. When there are alot of people climbing steeply after takeoff…

I agree it would be realistic yet it would be a new problem in TS…

There’s always been a problem with the TS it would not make a difference

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Look like my suggestion gave you an idea. Saw your storms feature topic, thanks for making that one.

has this been implemented or have people forgotten about this topic?

Not sure why it was brought up again but it sounds cool! 😂 this was dead for like 3 years

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It would be a really cool challenge, to test who’s a really good pilot.