Realistic Waypoints

Does anybody know a cite that realisticly plots a flight of LOT 787 around Russia due to LOT being banned from Russian airspace?

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No, but if you want just do some random waypoints

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You could use SkyVector to manually plot the waypoints.

Can you check FlightAware many flights listed on that site show the route being used. Search there by LOT flights, the specific Flt.No. or by Airport point to point.


LOT is not banned from Russian airspace though?

There’s multiple instances of LOT overflying Russian airspace on their flights. It’s only done sometimes.


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I have seen it once or twice, but the majority of time I see them go around

If you check LO98’s history, all of their westbound flights overfly Russian airspace, well at least three of them in a row do.

This may be because flying on Russian Airspace is expesive, so if they can avoid paying lots of money by going around it and just adding 1 hour of flight, they will do that, but there are other flights like the one to Seoul that wouldn’t make any sense

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