Realistic Verbal ATC @ KCLT - 151600ZJUL17

Casual Server
Charlotte, SC (Free)
Charlotte Douglas International (CLT/KCLT)
Times: 1700BST, 1600GMT, 1200EDT, 0900PDT (correct me if I am wrong)
The event will last as long as the controllers stay.

Have you ever wanted your flights to be more realistic? There is a way to do this, and Verbal ATC would make it happen. Saturday’s event will have very realistic ATC and pilot communication. First of all, there will have to be a Discord channel(s) opened for the communication to be possible. There will be 5 specific channels: ground, tower, clearance/delivery, departure, and approach. How realistic will it be? I would like for pilots to be requesting and receiving IFR clearances to their destinations. On their separate device, pilots will have airport charts, departure procedures, and arrival procedures. With airport charts, ATC can issue specific taxi instructions (ex: taxi to runway 34 via alpha golf kilo) using taxiway names and pilots will have to locate those taxiways. For approach, ATC can issue approach procedures or STARs. Departure can issue departure procedures.


CLT Clearance: Darragh
CLT Ground: Ukulele
CLT Tower: Gooner / Imran Moosa
CLT Approach: Joshy
CLT Departure:Jeff

Discord Link: Discord

I know there are issues to this. Some pilots might not know what a STAR is or an IFR Clearance is. Pilots could lose track of taxiways while taxiing. There are great YouTube channels (ex: Boldmethod or Doofer911) that explain what the things above are.
Communication on Discord can also be an issue if people disrespect each other. ATC will be mandatory English.
I ask if anyone is ATC in real life to join this event as an ATC.

NOTAM: Every pilot NEEDS a separate device or printed charts to use during the event

If anyone is interested in becoming an ATC for this event please PM me.
If you have a question either PM me or comment on this post.

Let me know what you think about this.

This was some wild idea that I thought of.


What’s good my mans Jeff I’ll try to make it! You’ve been into making IF more realistic whenever we fly together and It’s pretty cool

Just a correction - it is at 1600GMT but we’re in BST (British summer time) right now where it’ll be 1700

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Wouldn’t verbal ATC events be more suitable for the casual server?


Yes it would be prudent to have them on casual to not conflict with ATC on TS1 and also then approach and departure can give speed clearances above 250KIAS to heavies


I’m loving the event idea man nice work!
I was wondering if I can get a position as Ground ATC during this event.
(DISCLAIMER* I’m not a professional ATC) However, I used to frequently be ground ATC on FSX VATSIM and would like to give it a go on Infinite Flight. (I am familiar with taxi protocols etc.)
I don’t know if it helps but I speak fluent English and Japanese and some Chinese. (Probably not necessary).
I hope to be apart of this amazing event.

(Sorry it’s not a pm… couldn’t figure my way through the website)

Thank you for your idea. I will change it now.

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When shall the discord link be leaked ?

I am creating them soon (ready by tomorrow). I’ll post them when I have them

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Found a clean diagram for KCLT.

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Count me in! CLT Approach open? :)

Yes sir. I just assigned you

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What day is it because when I’m reading the title I don’t know :(

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July 15th. Next Saturday

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But it says July 17th in title

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The 17 after the JUL is the year.

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And the first two numbers in the title are the day?

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As both a commercial pilot with ASEL, AMEL, and instrument ratings, I think this is a wonderful idea to bring to infinite flight. I’m also an ATC minor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University so I wish I could be ATC but since it’s on the 15th, I’ve already made other plans all day 😓

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