Realistic Use of Charlotte Douglas Runways

Hello All!

I recently spawned into my hometown airport on Expert and tuned into ATIS only to realize that runway 23 was in use. CLT no longer uses runway 5/23 and instead uses it as a taxi way. The reason being is that the placement of the runway is inconvenient and the runway is the shortest of the 4.

I would sincerely appreciate if the IFATC controllers (and any controllers on training) would take this into account. I’m sure a lot of CLT based IF players would appreciate it.

Will all this being said, I am really grateful that Charlotte Douglas is finally on the ATC schedule!

-Patrick (PilotPatrick)


I’m right with you, my home airport of Chicago (KORD) is controlled unrealistically as well.

However, IFATC disregards this. They will use every resource available to them to help with traffic flow. I would also appreciate it if they used realism (even if it’s for low traffic times as well) but they just don’t because of the load from traffic.

In addition, in my opinion, many IFATC are surprisingly unaware of realistic procedures, and I find that not many try to find these out. This is warranted though because most of the time, it’s just not useful.

The cherry on top: in the manuals, it explicitly says that pilots are to prioritize IFATC instruction over realism.

But overall, IFATC is an awesome group. If it bothers you as much as it bothers me (which is does sometimes) you could choose to not fly in that airport with IFATC (which is what I do). Or you could follow instructions. Not much else we could do.

You could also become IFATC but not sure what that’ll do, you’d still have to abide by their rules.


My home airport is KORD and they once had us departing 22R which was ripped up and inactive at the time. I agree that they should maybe look at current traffic patterns before putting departing aircrafts on inactive runways for realism purposes


Refer to these quotes. IFATCs are instructed to focus on operational efficiency whenever possible.

Additionally, check out the following links for context. Runway 5/23 can still be used as of last week per remarks directly from the FAA in the noise abatement section of CLT’s AirNav data. It pays to do research in the aviation industry. ;)