Realistic unicom + ATC transmission change


I think that in IF, devs should remove the specific airport unicoms eg. EGLL UNICOM, as I’m pretty sure that in real life, just like on VATSIM, there is a specific unicom they have to tune to (122.800).

I’d also like to add that the phrase

“N12280,frequency change approved, good day!”

Is unrealistic.

I think it should be changed to

“N12280, No further ATC Available, monitor UNICOM (122.800). Good day!”

I think that this would help a lot.

What do you think? Let me know down below.

So are you asking for the entire topic to be included or just the change of phrasing?

I like it. I’ve always thought that for UK and European airports, UNICOM should be replaced with ‘Traffic’ as that’s the terminology we use here.
Nice idea for a simple yet effective bit of realism. One of those ‘devil’s in the detail’ things I suppose


I’m asking for both the UNICOM to be changed and the unrealistic phrases.

Its the same over here in the US, and probably Canada, not sure@Balloonchaser, for example, at my home GA untowered airport it is Old Town Traffic, not Old Town UNICOM

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So you are saying there should just be one UNICOM frequency?

Yes, but don’t we see unicom more?

While Old Town airport does have a UNICOM, the primary frequency for aircraft movement is CTAF, common traffic advisory frequency, or Old Town Traffic

Yes, judging by what controllers say on VATSIM

Can you clarify your request on what specifically you are asking. It seems to be a very general request.

I think the command to go from controlled to unicom is a good idea.

I don’t think making one general Unicom for the whole world is a good idea. I don’t want to be sitting at KLAX and hear people taking off from EGLL. Why do you need to hear other airports?


On VATSIM, you can only hear transmissions from pilots near you. London Heathrow is a bit far away… your chances are 0.01% to hear a pilot taking off from there!


Good request, definitely being voting for it!


There would be no advantage to that. So if I’m at Miami i’d hear planes taking off at Opa Locka.

Interesting concept. Although I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea that is being presented.

I think we still need the Unicom channels for each airport. I also agree that the command to go from controlled to unicom is good.

Unicom does seem to be lacking a few options that could be beneficial . I’ve always wished there was a way to simply announce that you are “departing” the airspace when you’re airborne. This option is only available at takeoff.

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mmm… but Prescott tower just told me frequency change approved today.

We should have
Come back of the Center over big airports (if real zones aren’t available to use with IF)
A Unicom of a given region where pilots may announce some actions (only if it’s necessary)

Well duh… This is a feature request, not an update that says it’s been changed…

Sorry If I’m a bit rude


I had a similar idea and searched the forums before I posted 😎.
But yeah, there should be another frequency available to have traffic able to monitor the frequency without clogging up ATC’s hud.
I was thinking a monitoring frequency that can be accessed independently by pilots as well as being a handoff option for ATC.
On the pilot’s end this channel would be available by connecting to the frequency and choosing “Monitor”. When this is done the pilot will be able to hear the frequency and only show up on another bar below the standard one. This makes the ATC and pilot able to communicate when necessary but not interfere with active ATC work.
This really should be a thing.