Realistic Terrain in Iceland, Greenland, Norway etc

Hello, I have noticed that the terrain in Iceland is missing. Areas such as the terrain around Isafjorur and the rest of Iceland appear to be entirely flat. Here’s, photos from google earth street view of the area and what it looks like on Infinite flight. As you can see, the area is entirely flat in Infinite flight, but steep hills can clearly be seen on Google’s earth.

This same issue can be seen in Greenland, Norwegian Fjords And Northern Canada. I would really appreciate it If you voted for this topic because I feel like the devs promised that we would get realistic landscape and terrain equally all around the world, but this clearly isn’t true. Why shouldn’t the incredible mountainous terrain that is seen in areas like Nepal And the Andes be seen everywhere. I don’t mean to make this sound like an attack at the devs as I’m sure they work very hard, I just think it would be really nice if we can have the detailed terrain we know that the devs are capable of everywhere.
Thanks for reading.

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible in regions above 60 degrees. For more information, see the blog article linked below.

Oh, I didn’t know this this sorry.