Realistic Server Suggestion

Yeah I completely agree. I think I mentioned at some point the realistic server being disconnected from the CS, TS and ES. The realistic server would need its own rules detached from the rules of the other servers completely.

Spawn collisions (and btw as deercrusher explained elsewhere this is by design not due to internet), bad internet causing planes to glitch across the airport, cruise level collisions (I’ve had one person do it presumably on purpose, and also almost climbed into someone on an intersecting route once)… There is a reason why this is not a thing in IF

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Voted, I like this idea!

I think the main issue with this is we already have VAs for this. Also, there is the problem of deciding what routes are allowed, because there are problems and/or exploits with each:

  • aircraft: the citation and 737-700 both have long haul range. The 767 has been off for ages and can go almost a full day
  • straight line distance: realistic detours or artificially long routings
  • flight time/actual distance: ATC makes these unpredictable. And because generally taxi times don’t count, the most efficient way to rank up is to fly the longest route possible, where ATC could make you go over limit. A possible remedy is to make landings also count for flight time.

BTW, I think a better way to do with (lv 1) violation is:

  • Getting a warning may lose you flight time for the current flight (excluding the runway holding one)
  • Getting a violation kicks you off the server immediately, disregards the current flight, and possibly penalizes flight hours
  • A serious infraction can kick you off the server without warning (eg. over 270 kts below 10000ft)

The reason for this is simply to not penalize not realizing you are overspeeding, etc. Not everyone plays with volume on.


These flight hours would also be deducted slowly if the player isn’t active for a certain amount of time which, if left for long enough would restart their “career” for lack of a better word.

How is this gonna work when people fly for 14 hours? You aint gotta sit behind the screen for 14 hours long😅

It would be a nice addition tho🙂

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No like if they don’t use the app for a while not if they don’t sit through the whole flight

As much as some people may like the idea, there will still be much more people out there that would disagree with this, because what they would expect is is to fly any aircraft they want, especially if they pay for it. I personally believe it should remain the way it is today. But hey we all have opinions.

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I have one question, If this was implemented, How would it accomodate Military. Such as GAF and RL once you have passed basic training, you can choose to either go Fast Jet, Multi engine or rotary (Not in game currently)

Say someone wants to fly the C-17 after passing basic but based off of your progression they couldnt fly that, they would have to go from fighters to Hercs to C-17. but that isnt how the Military operates and or would dissuade pilots from flying or joining Military things if they havent got the hours and landings built up.

Would love to hear your answer to this !!

I specifically mention in the post that the other servers are there for players to use. This is a completely optional server that would allow a certain group of people to enjoy the game much more than they are now

I don’t have a massive amount of experience with military aviation and I’d need help with this to come up with an answer.

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Doesn’t sound like a good idea personally. Removing the expert server for this server simply doesn’t make sense because people are paying quite a bit of money for their subscription and if they don’t have the freedom to fly what they want, they will stop using IF as it will feel very strict. Your idea does seem good to prevent beginners who don’t know how to fly properly or use ATC/Unicom to fly in servers like the expert server however it just seems way to strict and way to unpractical. Also for people who don’t want to use this server, the only options will be the 2 other servers filled with people who don’t know how to fly professionally and that would ruin the fun in IF. Also the part where you say remove flight hours if someone stays inactive kinda makes me feel like you got that idea from RFS and I feel IF should be different from RFS instead of just taking ideas from them. Imagine this, a person who is dedicated to IF and especially this server has to stop flying for a whatever reason and can’t come back to it for sometime. So much of his progress would have been removed and I don’t think that’s fair as this situation may have been out of his control and for him to lose flight hours seems very unfair to me. I also think this server would be quite empty as not all people want to start from a small plane and slowly move up the ranks just to be able to fly a plane like the 777 or A380. Some people may not like small planes which can only do small flights and if you are paying for a game, I don’t think it’s right to restrict a player to only a couple of planes in the beginning. Again, this is just my opinion.

OP specifically mentioned that the removal of the expert server is not part of his suggestion.

You do raise some pretty interesting points but I think you’re being too harsh in some aspects. For example you talk about someone being dedicated to IF losing flight hours but for this to have an effect it would need to be a long period of time. So not playing IF for a week would have almost no impact on your hours but not playing for a few months might move you down a level.

To be fair, I mentioned at the bottom that getting rid of the ES would be a solution to the problem of players being more spread out across the servers. But I got rid of it because people we saying it wasn’t a good idea like the guy above.

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