Realistic Server Suggestion

I think we can agree to a certain extent that the current system of servers and violations isn’t perfect. I have, however, spent some time trying to put together a concrete solution to address this issue.

My idea is fairly simple. The devs at IF could create a “realistic” server on top of the casual, training and expert servers already in the game. In the realistic server you would begin as a pilot on smaller aircraft. You would fly short haul flights and you could be limited to aircraft smaller than an A320 for example. Then, as you follow the strict rules and rack up landings and flight hours, you would advance and much like in real life would begin flying larger and larger aircraft.

But, if you break rules on purpose or accidently like exceeding 250kts below 10,000ft, you would be deducted flight hours and therefore could be bumped down a stage from A330 sized aircraft to 757 sized aircraft or something like that. The level of severty could also be scaled to the number of flight hours deducted (for example you would lose much less flight hours for exceeding 250kts below 10,000ft for 30 seconds as opposed to 5 minutes).

These flight hours would also be deducted slowly if the player doesn’t use Infinite Flight for a certain amount of time which, if left for long enough would restart their “career” for lack of a better word.

Not only does this encourage players to follow the rules, it also provides a punishment without being too harsh in an unrealistic manner. Also, the addition of progression through the game could add a huge amount of depth for players that the game is currently lacking.

This server would only really attract the most hardcore players and because of the punishment of losing hard-earned progress, people will be much more likely to follow the rules and act like a real pilot instead of receiving a violation and moving server until the time is up.

It would also make flying larger planes much more satisfying and it would be a much rarer sight to see “heavy” on the ends of callsigns much like it as at many airports around the world.

It’s important to keep in mind that the other servers are there too, separate from the realistic one. If you want to hop in an A380 whenever you want, you can - you just need to do it in casual, training or expert.

This also makes sense from a business perspective for the IF devs too - a lot of the aircraft that are largely forgotten would be utilised much more because the server would force pilots to become very creative about their flights which only increases replayability and on top of that if the flight hours drop off over time, people will be much more likely to renew their subscription to keep up the streak of flight hours.

I’d be really interested to see what other people think of this and also if there are any obstacles that would make this difficult to implement.

Thank you

Edit: I’m aware that four servers would certainly stretch the number of players and reduce the amount of players on each server.

Love this idea, will try to reposition some votes as I ran out.

This idea would not hurt IF. Leave the “expert” server be, still, but also create this realistic server. It’s about time.

If I may add something?.. Ranking up to have your call sign changing color is easy, just do some runway hops → Ranking up to have four stripes next to your name will be harder but WORTH IT for true aviation lovers!
Screen Shot 2022-04-03 at 17.07.15

Passing all the challenges to get to Realistic Server like you said, having going through flightschool, groundschool, ATC comms skills for pilots —> our discipline, behaviour, quality… and trollness ratio, will be guaranteed “air worthy” due to the strict requirements needed to maintain that status - now THAT’S realistically legit, not because you went XP mining - leave that to the “Experts”.

Also if we can, to introduce collision in expert server and above. Even a paint scratch in the real world between planes would halt a flight!

EDIT: VOTED! (Removed some from the Lights as Lights are in the works rn!)


I have voted! This sounds like a good idea.


I would really love to see this idea implemented

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Thanks I really appreciate it

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I like this idea a lot!! I’m sadly out of votes but I would love to see this in IF

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That’s an amazing idea. You have my vote!

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What about ATC coverage? Wouldn’t there be really limited ATC service as some would be on expert some on realistic? Who would want to control on expert when they could control on realistic? Or would all grade 3 pilots be able to control on ES and only IFATC on RS like ES now?

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amazing idea you have my vote
this can also help never pilots in the game

i like this idea but , for reducing flight hours due to inactive accounts is not a good idea for me because in rl if pilots that have been inactive for several months their flight hours will still be the same just need some training before they get back on air

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maybe if we see automated ATC sometime soon then this feature may be more realistic but I think there could also be a system for leveling up as a ATC controller, when you start on realistic server you can only control small airports and slowly work your way up to controlling at EGLL!

In real life you need to maintain a regular flying activity, that’s why Covid was really bad aswell for pilots… This is represented in the sim with the amount of landings within 90 days.
I think it is a great thing that is in Infinite Flight, as a first way to stop newbies or “noobs” to enter the expert servers.
Your flight hours will never go down, only flying rate will change (see second sentence of this post).

To stay in topic: I think this is a good idea, I have no votes at the moment, but seems pretty obvious that some people should not be in the Expert server…


I really like this - a similar system for ATC. That’s such a good idea

Great idea…

Wouldn’t the server be extremely empty though? My estimate is that around 5% of the entire IF playerbase are hardcore sim flyers/real life pilots. The automated ATC system would also be a nightmare and have its flaws. On the surface it sounds really good, but once you dig deeper it becomes more and more flawed. The expert server is enough IMO. I still like your idea though, but it probably wont be viable for the foreseeable future.


I think that we should add this or make expert harder to reach, because back in the days, expert was the place of ”gods” and if you got there, you were actually a good player but nowadays there are some people that don’t fly realistically on expert. For example the rotation speed for all the jet aircraft is between 100 and 180kts depending on weight, and there are few people that accelerate to 240kts before rotating and then replicate a spaceship on climb


I do like the idea, I was just thinking do we have enough pilots for four servers?

Maybe expert server could be replaced with this realistic server.


Oh hey there good to see you again.

Replacing the expert server with this new idea will probably have a lot of people leaving IF, because this feature suggestion has quite a lot of strict rules. It will make flying stressful because of all the extra rules and strict enforcement of them. Of course, the hardcore people will probably love it, but my guess is that the general audience will try it once, and leave if they think it is too much for them to handle.

also the atc would be problematic if you have all the expert atc moving to the extreme expert server then there is no point in having the expert server

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Just realized something is adding another server the solution? Then it will never end if the devs don’t get the concept right.

The problem with ES I believe, is not the ES itself. But it’s the one below it.

Think about it, newbies (who are very important customers in any business) paid in full and don’t wanna get stuck in a server called “Training”, that’s like paying in full to play half a game. So naturally devs must make the “Non Half-a-Game Server/ The Final Boss Server” a.k.a “Expert” accessible to all in an easy, playful process: XPs and landings, just like a game. Otherwise, thousands of customers who are new and sensitive and are yet to be introduced into the seriousness of aviation sims who right now don’t really care yet what “aviation love” means are gonna protest and cry foul (lol that last one was one long sentence).

My point is, it’s in the name. If there should be a real, real, “Realistic Server”, then the other server shouldn’t be below it in concept, but as equally standing next to it. The RS should be a different animal altogether, not a level-up.

In other words, both servers must be worded with something that “ends” and have their own uniqueness, not a grade-up between each other. (i.e. “Training Server” is an open ended wording that prompts people to ask “when can I get outta here”).

So when CS becomes TS and TS becomes “Expert 1” with their own working dynamics (or even merged as they’re basically identical and both are just as chaotic and disobedientful and trollfull but fun and most educative anyways) - that’s the justification when ES could be transformed into RS or “Expert 2” along with its new unique dynamics and inner workings, without harming anyone else’s fun. Just giving a playroom for two types of players, their next step would be: “Which one do I chose next after I train, Expert 1 or Expert 2?”.