realistic scenery?

is there any way for me to make the scenery really c r i s p? like installing add-ons for really high definition scenery or not? or will the developers change the way it looks?

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Hello there are no third party applications like PC sims. Instead everything will be done by the developers. May I ask what device you use for IF?

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The scenery has the resolution that is has. You can’t change that resolution.
You can improve quality in your Graphics settings, but it will use more of your device’s memory and CPU. Un-tick the ‘Limit frame rate’ tick box improves quality but it eats a lot of resources, including your battery.


I use the game with maximum graphics (also runs 60fps) but that doesn’t really change the scenery

That’s the best that’s available then as long as you are flying where the best coverage is ie North America, Europe etc not South America and parts of Asia.

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