Realistic Queenstown Departure

Hey guys! Been a lot of time since ive flown the virtual skies. And the reason behind this is because i am working towards my CPL in New Zealand. I already have my PPL and 80 hours of flying and starting the IFR part of the course. Now the charts make a lot more sense lol!

So i was flying out of Queenstown today and i thought, wait why not use real life procedures. So, i opened my EFB and looked up the SIDS for NZQN. Turns out the departure isnt only simply flying out on AP.

This is for RW 23

SIDs to north off 23

So when you do take off RW23, you need to fly it by hand to either of the two waypts from which all the SIDs do start. Fly the RW HDG and after you cross the small bit of land (can be seen in the sim) turn left and fly over the water into the land and over the small hill. The point ENKUV lies exactly over the small hill. Then continue your FPL.

First landmark to start left turn

Fly to the left of the small curve in the coastline.

Turn left towards the airport

Turn left over to the hill and ENKUV should be right ahead of you.

If successful, your fpl should look like this.

Hope this was helpful in making your flights out of NZQN more realistic.
All charts can be accessed on this website: AIP New Zealand


Interesting, I never really knew this, but looking at it now, it makes sense! And when I look on FR24 (FlightRadar24) I am seeing all sorts of those departures. Thank you for the information!

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Well…it could be AP flying but you’d need RNP 1 certified equipment.

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The last picture was indeed helpful. Could you show a similar picture departing runway 05?

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Excellent! A perfect departure, All airports have their type of departures and arrivals, some easier and others a little more complicated! Congratulations!👏

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Yup will do.