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Hello Fellow Pilots!

If this is a duplicate, I’m sorry…BUT ANYWAYS!

I had this great idea to add more realistic land like grass, rock, clouds, trees, buildings, still cars, etc. To make it feel like you are in an actual aircraft looking down at the real earth. We could also add snow, blizzards, real looking rain, hail, and other stuff! I think having a more realistic mother nature is better than having some Google Maps Satellite view of the ground. Another thing I wanted to mention, why don’t we add airport vehicles, buildings, and other stuff! In my opinion, I believe this is a great idea. Comment down below your opinions!

Stay at 35,000 feet!



Search before posting a new topic, then post your opinion in an already exisitng thread.


lol i did its just in case I couldnt find a duplicate similar to this xD

Please request only one feature per request


Just call it “More Realistic Land”. Because it’s in #features, we will know it’s a feature request.

Moving it back to general as it does not fulfil the category guidelines. They say one feature per topic.


It is, why is it not?

A lot of things you asked for were already requested in the past. Please search before posting. :) By the way, only request one feature per topic. Thanks in advance.


Its one feature, moee realistic land. That means cars, trees,etc.

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When you’re listing things it’s not one, but multiple features ;)

I’ll leave it open for discussion, but this isn’t a valid feature request, so it stays in #general :)

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…and DANGEROUS. Lethal even.

The Story of My Death, sure.

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