Realistic Number of Passengers for an Utra Long Haul

Im thinking of doing a very long flight tomorrow since the region system seems cool, but am wondering if airlines actually fill their aircraft to max seating capacity for really long hauls. Specifically, would Singapore attempt to fill 253 passengers in one of their a350s for a 12 hr euro haul?


SimBrief it is great for Advance planning, it tell you everything you need to know, passengers fuel ect, and more

or for beginners
fpltoif is good, it just gives you the stuff that you NEED
lilke fuel, passengers, flight plan, but just that nothing eles

Keep in mind Simbrief, just because it has more flight planning options, does not mean that everybody can use it, it can get very confusing

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At the moment with COVID hardly any flight will be filled up to capacity, as for a Singapore Airlines flight to Europe, I would say at the most 100 people will be on a flight

ik but wb under pre-covid conditions lol


Maybe about 200-225? I’m not too sure sorry

Thank you so much.

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Singapore Airlines has three different A350 cabin configurations:

161 seats for ultra long hauls, 253 seats for normal long-hauls and 303 for medium hauls.

I am not 100% sure if ultra long-haul or normal long-haul configuration is used for 12h flights though.

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I do know that certain airlines have weight restrictions and will fly Haneda to Newark with a few empty seats but still considered as full…due to cargo in the hold…meaning non-rev passengers may not make the flight

I would recommend using seat guru to check for realistic passenger configurations/passenger count. It is super useful and you can then input that number into your simbrief or IF FPL!



The 161 seat ultra-long hual is only used for their LAX and EWR direct flights, so for a 12 hour europe hop the 253 seating configuration is the one you would want to simulate!


Thanks for the clarification @Lud_d!

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Just look up how many seats the aircraft has IRL with the airline and use that. For example, Air Canada has 298 seats on their B787-9 so take 298 passengers.

Also, typical airline counts 102kg/pax, whereas IF counts about 77. Si to be realistic, you would need to add some weight for that before adding the optionnal cargo!

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