Realistic Liveries

Let’s just start this off on the right foot. I didn’t see any other topic like this and so I assume that this can stay open unless another issue arises.


Many of you have most likely noticed that not all the liveries in IF are up to par. The Aeroflot A359 livery on the A350, Air Tahiti Nui livery on the 787, just to name a few. Why were these aircraft liveries rushed?

Well, this is a request that all of the unrealistic liveries get a “touch up”. They don’t have to be fully redone. I know that this is not a priority, but it is a little pet peeve of mine.

I do understand that copyright issues may stand in the way.

Please voice your thoughts, and if the community does not think it is a good idea please let me know so I can flag this and free up the forums.


Some liveries like the Tahiti 787 were made before the airline made changes to the design. Liveries aren’t rushed as the team puts quality over quantity.

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I think that IF uses official pictures like press photos and other sources so that they are pretty accurate. But I do think that some could use a touch up.

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This aircraft was revealed to have a different livery after the devs painted the IF SU A350. I assume since there was no information regarding a modification to the livery, they assumed it would be the same.


Hey! As per the #features category rules, only one livery request is allowed per request. Please read the category rules and utilize the search feature, as a majority of the popular liveries already have feature requests.

Here’s the links to feature requests from the liveries you mentioned.


Should I flag this then?


The liveries you are referring to were as previously mentioned, announced after the livery was created from our end. Airlines makes minor changes on a daily basis to the liveries, and if we were to keep up with those changes all the time we would not do much else. Especially considering we have over 700 liveries in Infinite Flight.