Realistic live loading time request.

Sorry but my time is not worthless. And why do we waste our time instead of having better useful developments?

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Calm down, I just want to have your opinion.

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Guys, feature request are a place to share your opinion respectfully we don’t need to start trashing the idea in a inconsiderate way…


what you do not understand in this feature will not be mandatory for everyone?

It will still take up storage and battery, whether activated or not.


That’s ok. If he wants his device performance to further decrease, then he’ll want to continue to back up his feature request. Just leave it at that and carry on. 🙂


Lol it looks like I asked for the end of the world

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Its not too late to change your mind ;)

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I think the time could also be adjusted so you don’t have to sit for 2 whole hours before you long haul flight.


I understood closed this subject if there are no calm answers it is useless to continue.

I didn’t do hate speech. I didn’t say “you can’t request it!!!”.

It is clear. I said my time is valuable for me. And i couldn’t believe in a feature that will waste my time.

Idea is: Fuel loading will take more and more time. If a person wants it, he/she can wait a few minutes. But i don’t want to wait for loading time. This is just a feature i know but if you request a feature, it means it can be real in the future. And i declare my thoughts.

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All I expect from this subject is that everyone gives his / her with an argument.

no you didn’t. Your idea isnt a bad idea. It shouldn’t be subject immature attacks from immature people. Which is why I said if you dont have anything nice to say don’t say it all. He flagged it and it was taken down.

@MishaCamp put it like this
“We recently added a new vote feature. Please utilise this to show support for a topic instead of adding a comment with no productive value.”

Keep the ideas coming man! Oh and according to Misha a discussion shouldn’t really be happening. Just vote or dont vote.

I took it down and added it to my previous message to provide more clarification on the flagged post’s contents.

It nice this @Misha CAMP.

That’s not what he said.

He said don’t just say “I like this” as the entirety of your reply. That’s what a vote is for.

If you want to reply with a detailed reply which contains content, either pro or con, that’s different.


I mean I love flying realistically, but I love flying realistically. Not sitting around for an hour realistically. Not my thing, but I wouldn’t mind to see some ground functions added.

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Nah, I think it’s cool. If this were never to be added I could see this being a very cool third party app.

There’s a bunch of ideas out there that people aren’t making right now that I think could add a lot to the experience.


no he said
We recently added a new vote feature. Please utilise this to show support for a topic instead of adding a comment with no productive value.” please read it again. and on moderator supports bashing a topic the way the kid did.