Realistic live loading time request.

Hello everyone, I’m doing this about a feature that would be important.
As you know, IF is a very good mobile aircraft simulation game quite realistic but not enough for me. Because it lacks some features that could make even more realistic simulator like the one I will present.

It would be interesting to have a loading time of fuel, merchandise and passengers depending on what the player will ask when he knows online, for example: I connect to the multiplayer, I want to make a flight KLAX-EGLL with a BA- A388 depending on the number of passengers, the weight of my cargo and the amount of fuel I would have requested, the system could show me the time it will take to be ok before departure.

And of course this time will be visible in a form of progress bar that will display the level of progress of each request, and especially the player can if he wants to activate or deactivate.
Ps: sorry for my mediocre English, I’m learning it.

For people in a hurry, this would be a terrible setback of their time, they would then have to wait the amount of time it takes to load their requested amount of PAX, Cargo and Fuel. By the time it is all loaded, they could have already gotten to cruise!

Even so, most likely everyone but you would disable it because it is a waste of valuable time that we only have so much of in life on behalf of the Devs, it would be a wast of Infinite Flight’s storage, it would be a waste of people’s storage, it would have little-to-no use, and it would just bring a feeling of “Why?” to a lot of people.


All the time you asking we will be ready to taxi and take off in 2 H .

As I have it will be a feature that you could enable or disable.

It is not false 🤔🤔

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What do you mean by

For the moment I will leave my request here to have the opinion of other people.

This is a good argument you have to give.

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If a moderator thinks that the subject is useless he will close it.

You know what, I actually really like this idea. It would, as you said, bring in even more realism to IF. I also like the idea of being able to turn this feature off if you are short on time. I typically will spawn in and sit at the gate for a bit to simulate this. However, it would nice if the system did that for you. Creative idea!

EDIT: I will say however that this might be better off down the line if ground vehicles are ever added as it would look a little more realistic rather than just being stuck at the gate for a certain amount of time.

This to me just seems like a huge waste of your battery


Then why don’t you do so yourself?

Anyways, if you have a problem with me I would gladly talk to you in a PM. And why give hate to me and not @JacksonAviation, @iidvdii, and @CK777 as well?

Sorry but my time is not worthless. And why do we waste our time instead of having better useful developments?

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Calm down, I just want to have your opinion.

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Guys, feature request are a place to share your opinion respectfully we don’t need to start trashing the idea in a inconsiderate way…


what you do not understand in this feature will not be mandatory for everyone?

It will still take up storage and battery, whether activated or not.


That’s ok. If he wants his device performance to further decrease, then he’ll want to continue to back up his feature request. Just leave it at that and carry on. 🙂


Lol it looks like I asked for the end of the world

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